Best Practices
Selling Service Fee Pricing Card
Provide detailed information about
Who you are What you sell
How long you have been a merchant
Additionally, include photographs of your physical store, and state your        Returns & Refund Policy clearly.
Tips:- Add your company logo to build trust
Define Products Properly
Clear product images, prices & descriptions
Who you are Upload clear images
Give proper product name
Give quality product descriptions
Tips:- Use high resolution images
Products Prices
Competitive product pricing for better business
Check prices others are offering
Offer best price for your product to be picked by customer
Give quality product descriptions
Tips:- Research prices on internet
Products Images
Upload clear and high quality products images
Upload clear images
Give proper product name
Give quality product descriptions
Tips:- use uncluttered background for images
Optimize Search Engines Listing
Provide clear products listing to improve search results.
Select right keywords for your product
User more suited Frame titles
Provide good product descriptions
       - Create Good Content
       - Avoid Keyword Spamming
       - Vary Font Strength
       - Include Links
       - Use Image Alt Tags
Tips:- Build products titles with important keywords
Choose what works for you
Clear product images, prices & descriptions
ShopClues.com has clearly laid out return policies.
Choose what work for you.
Tips:- Make shipping and return policy customer centric
Build open line of communication with customers
Reply to customer queries
Improve service according to customer feedback
Tips:- Request customer feedback after every purchase
Reflect your business ethics online
Provide superior customer services and build your reputation
Gain customer trust by earn Top Rated Merchant seal
Tips:- Try to provide in-time product delivery, best prices & good catalog to customers

Best Practices

ShopClues.com platform is designed so that all stakeholders can win i.e. buyers, sellers and ShopClues.com as the enabler of the marketplace. However, there are many best practices that can help merchants to grow their business significantly and here are some of those best practices to help you to grow your business at ShopClues.com:

To be a successful merchant on ShopClues.com we recommend the following best practices:

  • Set up your merchant profile : Provide detailed information about who you are, what you sell, and how long you have been doing this. Also remember to add your logo, and your returns and refund policy clearly. If possible, add a photograph of your physical store.
  • Clearly define the products you are selling : Have clear pictures, prices and descriptions- think of any obvious questions, the customers will have and include the answers in your description.
  • Price : Online shoppers do lot of research before buying an item. If you price your products most competitively, the customers are likely to reward you with more business.
  • Picture : Please note that in online shopping customers do not to see the product before buying it. The better quality pictures you provide, the higher likelihood that the customers will buy from you.
  • Optimize listing for internet search engines : Create you listing in such a way that chances of your items shown in search results are high. The following tips will help you make a big difference.
    1. : Pick three to five keywords that describe your item very closely. Use words that people are likely to use in a search engine when looking for what you're selling. Use these words appropriately in your listing title and item description.
    2. : Your listing title plays an important role in natural search. Use the most important keywords or keyword phrases in your listing title. Avoid generic words like 'good', 'great or 'wow' as people are not likely to use these words in a search.
    3. : Your item's description is the most valuable part of creating search engine friendly listings. Here are several ways to use your description to its fullest:
      1. Create Good Content: Give the description in as much detail and as best as you can. Use your main keywords multiple times. Ideal word limit is approximately 200 words. (In 200 words of text, you'll want to use your keywords 10 to 14 times.) Note that overdoing your description with non-relevant information isn't a good strategy.
      2. Avoid Keyword Spamming: However, do not overuse keywords in an item description as it reduces the effectiveness of content. Moreover, keyword spamming is a violation of ShopClues policy as well as an irritation to prospective buyers.
      3. Vary Font Strength: Use bold headers and use a font size of 12 or 14 maximum.
      4. Include Links: Add links to other products, to your ShopClues Store, and so on. The words that are linked should be relevant to the destination. For example, "Visit my Store" or "See other items" are more effective than "Click here."
      5. Use Image Alt Tags: These are keywords associated with the images you use in your listing. This provides yet another opportunity to optimize keywords or keyword phrases that both describe the image and are consistent with your content.
  • Have a clear shipping and return policy for your products :At ShopClues.com, we help you understand what works for our customers- our return policies are clearly laid out and you can choose what works for you.
  • Have an open line of communication with your customers : Listen to them, answer their queries, follow up after they have received their orders, ask them to rate the product and to rate you- that is the best way to build a strong merchant profile for yourself.
  • Reflect your business ethics online : Act professionally, provide the kind of superior customer service that has built your reputation offline. Remember your customers at ShopClues.com can be your customers for life.