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    Best Practices
    Merchant Profile Setup
    Provide detailed information about
    Who you are & what you sell
    How long you have been a merchant
    Additionally, include photographs of your physical store, and state your        Returns & Refund Policy clearly.
    Tips:- Add your company logo to build trust
    Define Products Properly
    Clear product images, prices & descriptions
    Upload clear images
    Give proper product name
    Give quality product descriptions
    Tips:- Use high resolution images
    Products Prices
    Competitive product pricing for better business
    Check prices others are offering
    Offer best price for your product to be picked by customer
    Give quality product descriptions
    Tips:- Research prices on internet
    Products Images
    Upload clear and high quality products images
    Upload clear product images, name, description
    Upload picture with no text or artwork
    Tips:- Use uncluttered background for images
    Optimize Search Engines Listing
    Provide clear products listing to improve search results.
    Select right keywords for your product
    User more suited Frame titles
    Provide good product descriptions
           - Create Good Content
           - Avoid Keyword Spamming
           - Vary Font Strength
           - Include Links
           - Use Image Alt Tags
    Tips:- Build products titles with important keywords
    Choose what works for you
    Have clear product shipping & return policy
    We clearly understand what works for our customers
    Therefore return policy and shipping options are clearly laid out
    You can pick what works best for you
    Your good choice would lead to better customer servicing
    Tips:- Make product shipping and returns hassle free for customers
    Build open line of communication with customers
    Stay connected with your customers
    Reply to customer queries
    Improve service according to customer feedback
    Tips:- Request customer feedback after every purchase
    Reflect your business ethics online
    Get noticed by providing quality customer services
    Provide superior customer services and build your reputation
    Gain customer trust by earning Top Rated Merchant seal
    Tips:- Try to provide in-time product delivery, best prices & good            catalog to customers