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CPU Fans

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    If you don’t know how to clean a CPU fan then read further to know the steps of cleaning it.

    Know How to Clean A CPU Fan

    If you own a laptop or a computer then you have might come across with the problem of the disruption of the CPU fan several times. And as a result, the temperature of the system rises extremely, causing a default in the processor. So, as a solution to this problem, you pay a visit the technician in order to fix it. But the problem is, they often charge extra and you have to pay it as you are not left with choices because you can’t fix it by yourself. So, we thought of coming up with an article to guide you with the steps of cleaning a CPU fan. Read further to know the steps and clean your CPU fan by yourself.

    Computer Fan cleaning – At first turn off your system completely and place CPU over an anti-static mat or you can even wear gloves. Now, after following the manual open the back of a CPU machine with the help of screw drivers. Now position the can of exhaust air in front fan and start cleaning it and the exhaust with the help of canned air. You can also spray short puffs of canned air over the blades of fan in order to get better result. Once done, re-position everything and plug in once again.

    Laptop cooling fan – Quite similar to computer fan cleaning, while cleaning laptop fan also you are at first supposed to plug out the system completely and place it over anti-static mat. Remove the bottom panel of your laptop (it will be easier as compared to computer) as per the manual instruction. Now without removing the fan, start cleaning the blades of it by gently wiping of the dust. Once done, cover the back of the laptop and plug-in again.

    If you don’t want to waste so much extra time, you can obviously replace the older fan with the new one. At these fans are available at comparatively affordable prices along with guarantee of its proper functioning.

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