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Fragrance Combos And Kits

Go Gaga Over Deodorants & Perfumes

Smell Fresh and Amazing Every Day by Buying Deodorant Combo Sets Online at an Affordable Price from ShopClues sale.

No one likes to smell bad whether they are going to work or a party; everyone wants to smell fresh as a flower all day long. However, the lethal combination of tropical climate and so much pollution in our country, most perfumes and deodorants fail to work all day long. But fret not as ShopClues presents a broad range of perfume fragrance combos offers with unbelievable fragrances that will help you get rid of your body odour. Shopping online has never been this convenient!

Deodorants for Men

Shaving Gel, Men always have complained about their body odour that replaces their perfume’s fragrance by the end of the day. No matter how much they wear a perfume or a deodorant, they always end up smelling bad once the day ends. At ShopClues, you can opt for perfume gift combo set or a deodorant combo set that will easily get rid of your embarrassing problem. We offer products from the leading brands in the industry.

How to Choose a Deodorant or Perfume

A deodorant or perfume is essentially used to mask your underarm odour. Along with the fragrance, they also contain Triclosan, an ingredient which prevents the bacteria from growing. While there are many types of deodorants such as a stick and cream, you should always go for the spray deodorant as they are easy to use and don't transfer to your clothes. A spray deodorant or perfume would be the best ENGAGE-ing choice for you or for that matter.

Buy Deodorants Online at ShopClues

Whether you are looking for a perfume or deodorant, your search ends at ShopClues. It provides a broad range of deodorants and perfume sprays for men by the best brands such as Axe, Wild Stone, Kama Sutra and Fogg. The combo sets that it offers can help you save a lot of moolah, while providing you the best.

Avail Amazing Offers on Value Combos only on ShopClues India

Understand the Value of Combos:

It always makes more sense to pick up things in combos, like your red lipstick with a red lip liner or your shaving cream with an after-shave lotion. As some things are best when paired with their complimentary item, combinations always have more value and make for an attractive package. We believe in giving you the best of everything and this is one of the prominent reasons why we created the combo segment. Just to make things a bit more interesting we offer you combo packs on various products at discounted rates. Get the best deals from the brands that you like. We have created combo packs that are hard to say no to, due to their exclusiveness and their value for money. Select from our value combos, where one product blends with another item to give you the best of utility and quality.

Find Brands at Reasonable Prices
The concept of combo packs takes its inspiration from the modern world, where individuals believe in the saying “more the better”. Bulk buying may be considered as over indulgence by many, but what most people fail to realize is that you save a lot through them. So, why spend more in the long run when you can buy things in combo packs, which eventually will reduce your over all expenses. Taking this concept further, ShopClues exclusive combo packs, such as grooming kits for men and makeup kits for women are crafted to make life easier for you. As we have many brands listed on our website, we take this opportunity to combine products within these brands to make it a deal. So choose from brands like Gillete, Lux, Yardley, Pears, Sunsilk, Garnier and Park Avenue to name a few.

Save More through our Value Combos
Go live your life king size without hitting your pockets too hard. Our combo packs are specially tailored to reflect the needs of each and every individual. Some of the combos on ShopClues include shaving kits for men, body spray for men, skin care products for women and much more. Giving you an abundance of options is our mission and through our combo segment, we make our move to deliver you the best.  So, why shop for single soap online while you can get a pack of three with different variants combined into one at a lesser price.  Stocking up products only to use it as and when required is not a sin. So be wise and create your wishlist now and fill up your cart before that perfect combo pack runs out of stock.

Visit ShopClues for Exploring More than Just Combos
Our extremely user friendly site gives you the liberty to customize your selection of brands, price range, discounts available all at one click. If you are still skeptical of trying out the combo pack, we also have numerous products listed out in other sections as single unit. The choice is yours to be made. Check out the range of soaps, branded skincare and haircare products, and various shaving tools listed at our site. But since we believe in offering you the best deals, we ensure that you are only provided with products at hard-to-resist discounts. Prepare yourself to shop online till you drop. Visit our health and beauty page to nurture yourself from head to toe.

A variety of brands from like Bangota, Axe, Other, Shagun Gold, KS etc. to suit a wide range of preferences. The extensive price range of 251 - 500, 501 - 1000, Under 250, 1001 - 2500, 2501 - 5000 is made to accommodate your budgets. A plethora of needs catered by extensive product lines comprisings of 4,010 products. For those who lack the patience to go through the complete product range can check the Top 5 list of Pack of 3 Men's Deodorants AXE Midnight Fogg Royal Wildstone-Any Variant, Assorted Surprise Pack of 3 from 5 Men's Deodorants, Assorted Surprise Pack of 4 from 6 Men's Deodorants, Combo of 2 Axe + 2 Ogavaa Deodorants For Men- 150ml Each (Set of 4), Deodorants Pack Of 3 deodorants AXE Signature- AXE - KS (Assorted Variants) and lots more.

List of Best Selling Fragrance Combos and Kits price

Latest Fragrance Combos and Kits Price
Pack of 3 Men's Deodorants AXE Midnight Fogg Royal Wildstone-Any Variant Rs. 329
3 out of 5 Men's Deodorants (Assorted) Rs. 299
Pack of 5 Fogg Unisex Deodorants-Any Variant Rs. 519
Get any 3 out of 4 Men's Deodorants (Assorted) Rs. 279
Deodorants Pack Of 3 deodorants AXE Signature- AXE - KS (Assorted Variants) Rs. 289
Royal Mirage Perfume and Deodorant,120 and 200ml (Set Of 2) Rs. 299
Wild stone Red, Wild stone Thunder and AXE Chocolate deodorant - 150 ml each (Combo of 3) Rs. 289
2 Wlid Stone And 1 Axe Deo Deodorants Body Spray For Men - Pack OF 3 Pcs Rs. 299
Yardly And KS kamasutra And Wild Stone Deo Deodorants Body Spray FOr Men - 150 ml Rs. 289
Kama Sutra Deodorant For Men With Axe Deo Set Wet Deo (Set of 3) 100ml Rs. 299


Data last updated on 23/08/2019

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