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Know it All: Facial Cleansers<

Cleaning your Face should be made into an Everyday Regime. And Here are the Types of Cleansers that you can Use.



Cleaning the face twice a day is a ritual that every woman should follow. Doing that means all the impurities, oil; dead cells will be removed giving you a clear and smooth skin. Pollution, sun rays and specks of dust affect our skin to a large extent and so to keep it healthy, we need to cleanse it every day.


Today, as most women are conscious about their looks and want radiant skin, the market is flooded with facial cleansers that are available in a different form. These are readily available at all drug stores and due to the rise in trend of online shopping in India most e-commerce sites too, sell them. If you want to explore them then here is a guide for you.

Foam based cleansers are quite popular these days as they effectively remove all impurities from the skin. These products lather like soap does, to make it free from dust or grime. The foam based face cleaners are available in the form of gel and lotions.

Scrubs are another great way to get a squeaky clean skin. The rough granules when rubbed on the skin remove all dirt, dead cells and oil and clean the skin from within. Often the foam based face washes have scrubbing agents that make the job much easier and efficient.

Cream or lotion based cleansers are used by many women around the world. These are popularly known as cleansing milk lotion. A swab of cotton is dipped in the milk and then applied on the face and then gently rubbed to take away all the dirt. The cleansing lotions also provide moisture to the skin that eventually makes you say goodbye to your dull skin.

The oil based cleansers are also great in making you skin free from any kind of impurities. And it is a myth that people with oily skin cannot use them. Well, if you prefer using organic products you can try rose water as it is quite good at cleaning. In fact, you can get rose water online too. Piece of cake; right?

Now that you have got some idea about cleansing products, buy them according to your skin requirements and get ready to restore its lost charm. Shopclues is always at your service to fulfil your daily desires.

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