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Kunstocom Cooler Kunstocool Lx
Kunstocom Cooler Kunstocool Lx
Rs. 8199
Rs.8541 Rs.8990
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Symphony Diet 8i Tower Cooler
Symphony Air Cooler Ice Cube
Symphony Air Cooler  Winter I
Symphony Siesta 45 Air Cooler
Symphony Siesta 45 Air Cooler
Rs. 10999
Rs.13491 Rs.13991
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Symphony Diet 12i Tower Cooler
Symphony Diet 12i Tower Cooler
Rs. 7399
Rs.7999 Rs.9991
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Acosca Air Cooler Frio
Acosca Air Cooler Frio
Rs. 3800
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Buy Air Coolers Online at ShopClues.com

With the hot and scorching summers just around the corner, room cooler is definitely something that you should get for your home. If you are little low on budget and can’t afford an air conditioner, no worries air coolers are here to make those hot days pleasant.

Beat the heat with all new revamped Room Coolers 

It’s time to bid goodbye to old-style rickety air coolers and invite the stylish ones. You can cool your space in flair as these room coolers works well in dry areas but are not very useful in humid weather. However, the air conditioners have substituted air coolers these days, but the people still fancy air cooler of reputed brands like Symphony air coolers, Bajaj air coolers, Maharaja air coolers, Ovastar, and Kenstar air coolers for their home. These brands have a wide variety of air coolers that have sustained their admiration in the market.

Here are few guidelines to help you buy the air coolers for home and office –

Picking the right type of Air Cooler

There are various kinds of air coolers accessible in the market, or you can just shop online in India from ShopClues. The famous ones are evaporative/desert coolers and portable air coolers.  The Symphony Ninja-i Personal Cooler which is Desert cooler is the perfect choice for cooling larger areas. With the new revamped style, these coolers come with various features like dust filter nets, air throws up to 33ft and provides better cooling. For personalized use portable coolers can work best.  They don’t make much sound so you can enjoy a peaceful sleep.

Features of Air Cooler which play an important role

As soon as you have selected the brand and model of the air cooler, you require checking the key features of the air cooler.

The thickness of pad: Pad thickness is vital to get air chilled well. Chiller pads must have the thickness of about 90 mm so that its throw of air is effective. Flexible Speed: Flexible speed coolers are used to regulate the speediness of the fan. It is better if the cooler has choices for flexible speed. Automatic Water Level Controller: An air cooler with automatic water level controller helps you uphold water in the cooler at pre-set levels and avert flooding.

If you wish to upgrade your décor with stylish air coolers and want to pave a way for pleasant summers, ShopClues are happy to help.