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Sponge Wipes

Buy Sponge Wipes Online from

Buy Sponge Wipes Online at

Buy Sponge Wipes online at best prices only from ShopClues India

Cleaning becomes easier with sponge wipes online

ShopClues India brings a range of Sponge Wipes that provides a better absorption capacity than the regular wipes. The Sponge Wipes are far better than old cloth as these do not leave any watermarks on the surface due to high absorption capacity. You can use these sponge wipes for wiping and cleaning of kitchen counters, table tops and other appliances. Make these sponge wipes your first choice when it comes to cleaning homes. But the list of Home Cleaning tools available at ShopClues does not end on sponge wipes. Get the best options for mops, wipers, toilet paper, cleaning gloves, toothpaste brushes, etc. For the complete cleanliness of homes and offices, opt for our exclusive Home Cleaning tools.

Why Invest in branded sponge wipes

The kitchen platforms and dining tables are the places most likely to have spills. You can use sponge wipes by Gala to keep your surrounding mess free in a single swipe. These wipes will not leave any scratches on the surface after wiping. Hence it will not destroy your property at the same time. If you are searching for the right kind of wipes for cleaning the utensils, then try our Scotch-Brite. Scotch-Brite available at ShopClues India comprises of fibre that is non-abrasive. It will be equally smooth on steel utensils as it is on glass. The cleaning tools by Scotch Brite and Gala at ShopClues India are very economical and offer a comfortable way of cleaning the kitchen and dining mess.

Premium quality cleaning solution
You can use the sponge wipes and Scotch Brite multiple times in a day. To get the best out of these wipes, wash them well before use so that the excessive dirt and mess is no longer present before you use them further. The sponge wipe is easy to use. All one needs to do is squeeze the excess water from the sponge wipe and wipe the area clean. To maintain cleanliness and hygiene of the sponge, simply rinse the wipe after use so that the sponge wipe does not become a breeding ground for germs. ShopClues India has soft sponge wipes for cleaning glass as well that does not leave any watermarks, stains or scratches. The scotch brite and sponge wipes are eco-friendly and contain no toxic materials. The scotch brite and sponge wipes on ShopClues India consists of cellulose.  The cellulose sponges, in turn, comprise of wood pulp that has small holes in it. Cellulose sponges have a tendency to hold the liquid in these holes making them a better way of cleaning your surroundings. The sponge wipes are available in bright colours. They usually come in rectangular and oval shapes.

Buying the best cleaning tools from ShopClues

To make your daily cleaning easier and efficient, buy the cleaning tools from ShopClues India. Cleaning does not have to be a monotonous task provides you with the right kind of tools in hand. ShopClues India ensures that you have the best. Bring home these cleaning tools by the click of your button and avail huge benefits of online shopping in India at ShopClues.

Brands range like KS, KUDOS, No, Swiffer etc. that are tailored for your needs, desires and preferences. The extensive price range of Under 250, 251 - 500, 501 - 1000, 1001 - 2500, 2501 - 5000 is made to accommodate your budgets. Keep surfing through this amazing ocean of over 44 products. Choose from the products like Gala 148995 Sponge Wipe 5pcs Set, Set Of 5 Car Cleaning Glove Cloth Micro Fibre Hand Wash, Foam Pad - Multi-purpose - Soft n Easy - Buy 1 Packet Get 1 Packet, Sponge Swipe Five PCS Pack Colour May Very, Set of 8 Foam Pad - Multi-purpose - Soft n Easy that score high on the popularity charts.
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