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    MicroSD Cards

    (7904 products found)
    SanDisk Ultra16GB MicroSDHC Cards (Class 10) with 48Mbs Speed
    Strontium 16GB MicroSD Memory Card (Class 10)
    Strontium 16GB MicroSD Memory Card (Class 10)
    Min. Qty: 1
    Rs. 349/Pc.
    Rs.499 Rs.525
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    SanDisk Ultra32 GB MicroSDHC Cards (Class 10) with 48mbs Speed
    Strontium 32GB Micro SD Memory Card Class 10
    Strontium 32GB Micro SD Memory Card Class 10
    Min. Qty: 1
    Rs. 699/Pc.
    Rs.799 Rs.1,950
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    Sandisk 4GB Micro SD Memory Card - Class4 + Free Shipping
    Strontium 8GB MicroSD Memory Card Class 4
    Strontium 8GB MicroSD Memory Card Class-6
    Strontium 8GB MicroSD Memory Card Class-6
    Min. Qty: 1
    Rs. 199/Pc.
    Rs.269 Rs.279
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    SanDisk 8GB Micro SDHC Card
    Sandisk  Ultra 64 Gb Class 10 Memory Card For Mobiles
    Rage 16GB Class 4 Memory Card MicroSDHC
    Strontium MicroSD Card 8 GB Class6 (Set of 10)
    Strontium 16 GB MicroSD card class 10 100% original ,COD,
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    Buy Memory Cards Online

    We often complain about not having enough space to download the app we wanted or store the videos we like. However, retaining the option of external storage capacity in the phones is something we are all grateful about. SD cards allow us to have everything we want to store without having to worry about storage space.

    You can find memory card or micro SD cards for phones at ShopClues, an online shopping portal that offers everything we need in our day-to-day living. You can purchase the SD cards you prefer from among the various brands that are available and also by choosing the storage capacity you want, ranging from 1 GB up to 128 GB. You can also select the SD cards from the class, type, warranty, and discount range.

    ShopClues also offers mobile accessories such as power banks, headsets, and Bluetooth speakers with amazing discounts (up to 80% and more).