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Buy Nebulizers & Oximeters Online at Best Prices from

Buy Nebulizers and Pulse Oximeters Online on ShopClues India

Health Care and Sports Care Products from ShopClues India

Breathe easy with nebulizers and pulse oximeters

Pollution, chemical fumes, dirt and dust act as an irritant for lungs. Long-term exposure to any of these can cause Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease. There are many people who struggle with this in and out. ShopClues India brings nebulizers machine for the convenient intake of medicines and pulse oximeter machine for keeping a tab on oxygen level in the body. This range comes directly under BP Monitors and Respiratory Care range which also comprises of Steamers, Heart Rate Monitors and BP Monitors. For the complete body care, opt for these much-needed products in our exclusive BP Monitors and Respiratory Care range.

Medically approved nebulizers and oximeters

ShopClues India introduces nebulizers and oximeters by Omron and Rosmaxx. Nebulizers are needed to convert medication from liquid to mist so that it can be inhaled with ease and directly reaches your lungs. The range of finest quality nebulizers that you will find here is very effective for taking asthma medications. Patients can also use the nebulizers for asthma and or any other respiratory disease.  Our products in oximeters range, be it pulse oximeters or finger pulse oximeters provide continuous, non-invasive monitoring of oxygen saturation of haemoglobin in the arterial blood.

Relax and Breath with quality products

It is important to buy nebulizers and a pulse oximeter that are easy to maintain and are in good working condition. One can add the prescribed dose of medication to the cup of the nebulizer. The medicine in the nebulizer cup travels through a tube towards the mask with pressure from the nebulizer machine. This medication is to be inhaled holding breath for some time. This inhaling of medication will directly reach your lungs and will have an instant effect. Nebulizer is the most preferred way for giving medication in case of lung infection condition. The method of using nebulizer is very simple. Pulse oximeter and finger pulse oximeter can be used to measure the oxygen level in the body at any given time. The doctor can let you know the exact oxygen saturation level for your body and the regular flow rate that one should maintain. Lungs are responsible for transferring oxygen into the bloodstream. An oximeter throws light beams into the blood circulating in our body. These lights beams reflect the level of oxygen in the bloodstream. Our pulse oximeter and finger pulse oximeter is a non-invasive device to measure oxygen level and pulse rate.

Doctors recommend exercise to improve overall fitness levels. You can immediately check your oxygen level with our oximeters if you are falling short of breath. For patients with the cardiac condition, this instrument is an excellent device for monitoring purpose.

Why buy oximeters and nebulizers from ShopClues India?

The doctors clinically approved our range of oximeters and nebulizers. When it comes to health, one must not afford to rely on inferior quality medical products. This platform ensures that you struggle to find the right product for daily use. Now you can easily do online shopping in India from the comforts of your home.

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