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Experience ecstasy at its peak!

Wearing a condom can be a choice, but then it is always better to be safe than sorry. It is proven by scientific trials and experiments that condoms reduce the risk of pregnancy and sexually transmitted disease to 96%. Besides, condoms can add to the pleasure of regular sex with new product development initiatives in the sexual wellness industry. You can enjoy more with a ring that vibrates on the tip of the condom and additional layer of lubes with extra lubricant can help your partner to reach an orgasm for sure. Some women find it difficult to reach orgasm due to dryness, but you will be happy to know that there are sexual wellness products with extra layers of lubricant which allow her to reach the peak of ecstasy. Lubricated Condoms can also offer additional pleasure to both, men and women.

World’s leading condom brands

On ShopClues India, you will find condom brands that are in business for years. Brand names such as Dr. Marcus, Kamasutra, Manforce and Skore condoms have certainly promoted the trend of safe sex in India. The use of condoms prevents sexually transmitted diseases and other infections, which may even be life-threatening. At ShopClues India, our top priority is quality. We strive to provide the highest quality and the most durable products in sexual wellness to our customers. Moreover, all sexual wellness products sold on ShopClues India are backed by the companies, and in the rare case that you face a problem with these products, you can easily approach the companies for further assistance.

Give in to your fantasies!

Experiencing a sexual fantasy with your partner is a dream that you can fulfil by buying flavoured, ribbed and extra dotted condoms on ShopClues India. Simply enter the search words ‘buy condom online India ‘- and get quick access to a wide range of condom products. If you are someone who is extremely averse to wearing a condom, then there are thin skin condoms which can offer you the real pleasure. You can feel the intimacy of the act with your partner and feel closer to them. Buying condoms online is easy and fast; besides, you can buy a pack in advance, just to be ready to celebrate that extra sweet occasion with your partner. You can quickly browse through prices of many condom brands online including Skore condoms and Manforce condoms price to find a product that suits your wallet.

Explore more products for a Healthy Sex Life

ShopClues India has listed many categories of condom products on its online shopping portal. The categories include: ultra-thin, chocolate, strawberry, excite me, climax delay and Absolut Xtasy. Your partner will find it difficult to resist the temptation, and she will ask for more every time!  Now, you can get happier in bed by buying sexual wellness products such as premium massage oil, massage candle and tenderness collection of assorted products on ShopClues India.

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