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To relax and to run away from all the tensions of life, get a massage after a tough week!

Benefits of getting a massage

The most relaxing experience in this world is none other than getting a massage. After a hectic week, you always need something that relaxes you and gives you a refreshing feel. The health benefits of the massage are numerous. Let's have a look at few of them:

Blood circulation: Nobody is immune to the stress of daily life, and it's obvious that one point or the other we get stressed which gets collected in our nerves and muscles. When the blood vessels and nerves are massaged, the surface of the skin is stimulated. This ultimately improves blood circulation and releases the stress from our body. Along with all these, massages also help improve the texture of the skin while flushing out the toxins from our system.

Reduced body pain: A massage can provide your relief from the most painful body ache, but only when it’s done properly. Massage improves the blood circulation that releases hormones which help you in beating body pain.

Get rid of dead skin: While getting a massage, the oil that is rubbed on your body helps you get rid of the dead skin cells, and the dirt stuck on your body. It brightens up your skin and, also removes the tan.

Boosts mood: Some of the mood-boosting hormones are released while your body is being massaged. These hormones relieve stress, calm your mind and keep the depression at bay.

Recover heart health: The reflex centres of your heart are the points on your right palm and the sole. When gentle pressure is applied on these points, the functioning of the heart is improved, and you stay healthy.

Improving eyesight: When the area around your eyes is massaged, your eyesight improves.

Get rid of stretch marks:  Regular massaging and moisturising your body can help you get rid of stretch marks due to pregnancy or weight loss.

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