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Meal Replacements Powders & Shakes

    Buy Meal Replacements Online on ShopClues India

    Find the best Replacements for your Daily Meals on ShopClues India

    Get the best substitutes for daily meals on ShopClues India

    How many times have you decided to change your meals and eating habits to fit into the old jeans lying in the corner of your wardrobe? Most of the times we give up on the hope to lead a fit and healthy lifestyle due to the effort that it requires. While we cannot make you do the physical fitness training required to achieve your fitness goals, we can definitely help you with the diet that will act as a stepping stone to reach your aim. Meal replacements in the form of energy bars and drinks are perfect for keeping a check on your calorie consumption while saving on the hours spent behind regular meals in your already busy schedules. We offer you a classic selection of these meal replacements on ShopClues.

    Incredible Nutritious meal replacements from renowned brands

    You can find meal replacement products from brands like Herbalife to choose from. To break from the monotone of regular protein powder shakes, flavors for mango, vanilla and chocolate shakes are also available. These nutrition shakes are best suitable to ensure that you have a specific calorie intake based on its serving size, to meet the daily nutritional requirements. While such shakes and powders are just one product in the wide array of meal replacements, there are also other traditional options like khakhras that are carefully curated in their nutritional content in each serving portion.

    Why use Meal Replacements?

    A properly selected meal replacement will satiate your hunger, taste delicious as well as meet the daily nutritional requirements. Protein rich foods like meats which along with the protein content, add unhealthy cholesterol and fat to the body due to which lean body mass development becomes difficult. Protein powders on the other hand have little to no cholesterol content and are rich in proteins which help in developing muscles by increasing lean body weight. When consumed in the appropriate serving size recommended, these nutrition shakes add whey and casein proteins to the body which are milk proteins responsible for increasing the muscle mass. Along with dairy proteins, these powders also add vegetable source proteins thus, eliminating the need to separately consume vegetables to meet the body nutritional requirements.

    Continue the Healthy Lifestyle choices

    Even in the most prominent brands, ShopClues offers lucrative discounts to ensure that your daily dose of healthy lifestyle is catered to in all capacity possible. Our range of protein powders and meal replacements can guarantee a 100% result for you whether you are aiming for a slim healthy body or looking at gaining some muscle mass to gain a healthier appearance. We have just the right meal replacement selection for you so that you no longer need to worry about the long hours spent on meals on a busy day or not getting the perfect meal combination to attain your fitness and health lifestyle goals.

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