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    Sunday Flea Market

    Inspired by the famous flea markets of Italy, England and America, ShopClues brought one of the world's most appreciated shopping concepts to Indian market with the introduction of 'SUNDAY FLEA MARKET.' This popular sale program recreates the concept of flea market in the online space, but only on weekends. As the name suggests, SFM gets live on every Sunday and offers hundreds of products at huge discounts from different merchants/sellers but in limited quantity.

    SFM acts as a platform that allows merchants and customers to gain from each other. Featured products under this promotion are either in less quantity or in odd numbers, and the merchnat is willing to sell them at amazingly low prices. The reason for selling these products at dirt cheap prices is not quality compromise; but sellers' willingness to clear off limited stocks at discounted rates. This concept is a win-win situation for both customers and merchants, as customers can avail great discounts on limited stock products offered by merchants across different categories.

    Sunday Flea Market has challenged the trends observed across the e-commerce industry and has proved to be a game changer for ShopClues. Each Sunday, it attracts significant number of visitors, when the traffic tends to dip significantly on other shopping portals.

    SFM has emerged as one of the best performing deals for low price products at attractive discounts. We have something for everybody in store, ranging from shampoos to creams for women, blankets to bedsheets for home decor enthusiasts, pen-drives to USB mouse for geeks and a lot more. You can even find baby care goods, fitness equipment, gifts, and home & kitchen appliances at great prices.