Best in-ear headphones for every budget!


Is your favourite past time listening to music? Do you have trouble imagining life without your favourite tunes? Does the idea of leaving home without your headphones send shivers down your back? If you answered yes to one or more of the above, chances are that you are a true blue music lover and your smartphone coupled with your favourite headphones is your constant companion. But chances are either you aren’t happy with the earphones your phone came with or you’d just like to own another pair so that you always have one at hand. Either way this list is for you. We have compiled the best in-ear headphones that money can buy for every budget. Read on and make your pick.
Oh, do note that all prices are accurate and products available at the time of publication. This may change, so you better hurry!
1) SONY EX MH-750 | INR 299

For under 300 bucks, this one is a steal! Best in its class, this earphone has a 9.2 mm dynamic speaker driver behind each earphone and an advanced micro audio technology that delivers an impressive audio experience. The HD voice enabled microphone ensures that your voice can be heard with excellent clarity. What more do you need?

2) Callmate Best Smart Jogger Bluetooth Headset | INR 409

A Bluetooth earphone and that too under 500 bucks? Yes, you read it right! This headphone comes in pop colours and is the perfect companion for gym and jogs. And don’t worry, this one comes with powerful battery backup so that your music listening is uninterrupted when you are out and about.

3) Amkette Pulse S6 Sports Wired Headset | INR 695

This one is for all the active folks out there! We can’t help but love its innovative design. It is sweat and water resistant so you don’t have to worry about getting it wet. Has a braided cable that never gets tangled. And the flexible grip ensures that it never slips out while you are running. Also, it sounds great!

4) Amkette Tru Atom X10 | INR 899

We like this earphone as it produces booming beats which sound balanced and natural, like they were intended. The ultra-soft silicon buds are comfortable to wear and offer great noise isolation till the end of the day. And its tangle free wire’s sound-isolating design delivers maximum sound and efficiency all the time.

5) Sony MDR-EX255A | INR 1,659

Sony is known for its great audio products and this one is no exception. These earphones’ high-sensitivity 12 mm driver units deliver clear highs and powerful lows from a compact yet contemporary design. The build quality is top rated so this one just might last you a lifetime!

6) SoundMAGIC E50C | INR 2,999

Have a bigger budget? You may want to bet on the sound experts called SoundMAGIC. Founded in 2005 by acoustic design engineer Tony Xu, they make award-winning audio devices. These headphones produce immersive sound quality and boast of a design that ensures noise isolation. The quality metal construction makes these last real long.

7) Sennheiser CX 3.00 | INR 3,500

We end the list with the sound master – Sennheiser. This award winning headphone is known for its detailed sound reproduction, enhanced bass response and great design. The unique design is not only eye-catching but also reduces ambient noise to a minimum. The included ear-adapters guarantee that this one fits you just right and nothing comes between you and your favourite music.

We bet this list is like music for your ears. Now go pick your favourite pair among these in-ear headphones and make heads turn!


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