World Laughter Day


Happy World Laughter Day to everyone. On this joyous day, ShopClues brings to you our handpicked selection of Aflatooni Products to put a smile on your faces.

Statutory Warning: Some of them aren’t what you think they are!

  1. Sensor Control Lungs Shape Ashtray

It won’t only make you quit smoking instantly but also makes a wonderful present for your loved ones. The Sensor Control in the Ashtray will make you think twice before you light another one!

2. Mini Spider Mobile Holder

Yes it’s creepy! Place it over your workstation or use it as your Car Mobile Holder to send chills down the spine of your friends/relatives.

3. Condom Shaped Pen Drive

Sometimes Protection is needed even for your data. No Pun intended!

4. Camera Shaped Toilet Paper Dispenser

Guaranteed to leave a lasting impression on you and your guests. Instantly brings a smile on the face!

5. Shark Shaped Mouse Pad

SHARK ALERT! Bring a little quirk to your Desktop with this Funky Shark Mousepad.


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