“We make a living with what we get, but we make a life out of what we give.” – Winston Churchill

At ShopClues, CSR isn’t an act, it’s culture. We work together to improve educational opportunities for children, economic and growth opportunities for women, and overall economic progress.

Underprivileged children studying under the #WeCare initiative

There are 2 distinct approaches under #WeCare. One is in the realm of education, wherein ShopClues works with multiple NGOs to provide holistic education to children. The other is a community approach, wherein ShopClues engages with NGOs at various levels that might be as simple as bringing joy to the lives of children or providing skill development training. Our main focus groups are women and children.

Design Workshop for Literacy India Students


Our Design Team with Literacy India Students post the workshop

The four pillars of #WeCare are:

* Educate – Providing holistic education to children.

* Enliven – Bring joy and comfort through multiple activities.

* Empower – Giving skill development training.

* Engage – Involve fellow employees in creating value-based growth and learning opportunities for underprivileged children.

We have been working closely with Literacy India, Dream Girl foundation, Desire Society and Jagrati Foundation to focus on education and skill based training, and also enable them with employment opportunities, sports, hygiene, and adolescent counselling sessions. We monitor their progress, explore skillsets of senior students and accordingly engage them, in association with the NGOs.

Students attending counselling session given by our employees

As a start-up, we take pride in mentoring potential entrepreneurs. We are closely involved with Niti Aayog’s ‘Atal Tinkering Labs’ and mentor students, under the project, to identify and develop their young minds. This International Women’s Day we also became industry partners to provide support and mentorship to the ‘Women Entrepreneurship Platform (WEP)’ launched by Niti Aayog.

Our Co-founder & CBO Radhika Ghai addressing students

For us, community development is key for economic empowerment, and we actively work to identify and promote merchandise created by women from across the country. We bring their business online, create visibility for the products and help boost their business. In this aspect, to reach out to communities and women entrepreneurs, we work closely with Indha, Dor Project and Humari Asha Foundation.

Our goal at #WeCare is to reach out to those in need, with our compassion. While we do wish to provide financial and material support, we understand that all the money in the world cannot buy compassion. We aim to keep our efforts genuine and ShopClues employees participate and volunteer of their own accord, with their hearts. We have seen the family of volunteers grow to encompass almost the whole employee base, since the inception of #WeCare. We are happy to touch lives and make an impression, and will continue our efforts in this direction.


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