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Air Conditioner Buyer Guide |

Air Conditioner Buyer Guide

There is always a long list of features to consider before selecting an ideal air conditioner. The ShopClues Buying Guide will help you with appropriate information to choose the right one.

Consider following points while buying an air conditioner:

  • Capacity: Looking for a cooling solution for Small or Large space?
  • Type: Will a Window or a Split air conditioner suit your family?
  • Energy Rating: How can you save more on the Bill with energy ratings?
  • Features: What are all the features you must consider?

Air Conditioners

Types of Air Conditioners

Air conditioners are differentiated according to the area of installation. Types of air conditioners are as follows:

Types of Air Conditioners

Average weight and electricity consumption of different types of Air Conditioners according to their respective capacity

Window Air Conditioner Split Air Conditioner
WIndow AC Split AC

Other Types of Air Conditioners:

Inverter/Direct Current Split Air Conditioner

Inverter/Direct Current Split Air Conditioner

  • Automatically adjusts the speed of the compressor
  • Saves Big on Electricity Bill
  • Medium to Large Size Rooms
  • Price Range: Rs. 25,000 - 85,000
  • Wall Installation
  • Professional Help Required for Installation and Servicing
Tower/Floor-standing Air Conditioners

Tower/Floor-standing Air Conditioners

  • Single Indoor Unit
  • High Capacity Cooling
  • Suitable for Large Rooms and Offices
  • Doesn't Require Window or Wall Installation
  • Price Range: Rs. 60,000 – 90,000

Capacity of Air Conditioner

Keep following points in mind:

  • Area: Measure the Square Foot Area (Sq. Ft.) of the room.
  • Tonnage: Power of an air conditioner is measured through the amount of air (kilograms) cooled in 24 hours. A 1 Ton AC is capable of cooling 1000 Kgs of air in 24 hours, and so on.
  • Temperature: Users residing in cities with 40-45° Celsius temperature must multiply the total area of the room with .5 times to get the ideal capacity.
  • Heat Penetration: Large windows and shafts lead to heat penetration.
  • Floor: Consider ACs with higher capacity, if residing on 2nd floor and above.

Capacity of Air Conditioner

Energy Star Rating

Star Rating of Air Conditioner

It will be a wise decision to invest your money in an air conditioner that has high energy efficiency.

  • Invest in a mid-capacity air conditioner to save more on bill.
  • Air conditioner with Invertor Compressor saves 20% on the electricity bill.
  • Always opt for an air conditioner manufactured in the on-going year to avail the latest energy-efficient model.
  • Save big on the bill by using Sleep Mode during night time.
  • Always get the AC serviced on time.
  • Keep windows and doors closed when an AC is running.
  • Clean vents and filters clean for less power consumption.

Table showing energy consumption and savings for Window or Split air conditioner at different star ratings (10Hrs of Operations):

Star Rating 1 Ton Capacity 1.5 Ton Capacity 2 Ton Capacity
Window (KWH/Unit) Split (KWH/Unit) Window (KWH/Unit) Split (KWH/Unit) Window (KWH/Unit) Split (KWH/Unit)
1 Star 3.5/Day 3.3/Day 5.1/Day 4.38/Day 6.25/Day 6.05/Day
Energy Bill Rs. 13/Day Rs. 13.2/Day Rs. 20.4/Day Rs. 17.92/Day Rs. 25/Day Rs. 24.2/Day
2 Stars 3.3/Day 3.1/Day 5/Day 4.35/Day 6.15/Day 5.58/Day
Energy Bill Rs. 13.2/Day Rs. 12.4/Day Rs. 20/Day Rs. 17.4/Day Rs. 24.6/Day Rs. 22.32/Day
3 Stars 3.2/Day 2.9/Day 4.47/Day 4.27/Day 6.07/Day 5.55/Day
Energy Bill Rs. 12.8/Day Rs. 11.6/Day Rs. 17.88/Day Rs. 17.08/Day Rs. 24.28/Day Rs. 22.2/Day
4 Stars 3.1/Day 2.7/Day 4.44/Day 4.1/Day 5.9/Day 5.43/Day
Energy Bill Rs. 12.4/Day Rs. 10.8/Day Rs. 17.76/Day Rs. 16.40/Day Rs. 23.6/Day Rs. 21.72/Day
5 Stars 3.08/Day 2.6/Day 4.1/Day 4/Day 5.8/Day 5.38/Day
Energy Bill Rs. 12.32/Day Rs. 10.4/Day Rs. 16.4/Day Rs. 16/Day Rs. 23.2/Day Rs. 21.52/Day
Select Star Rating
2 Star 3 Star 4 Star 5 Star

Here are some of the features to consider:

Air Filter

Air Filter

  • Safeguards your family against pollution and dust
  • Have strong electrostatic force for filtration of harmful microscopic substances
  • Active filters are capable of filtering very small particles


  • Best for fall and spring seasons
  • Moisture level can be brought down to a comfortable level

Auto Clean

Auto Clean

  • Self-cleaning technology
  • Filters remain free of dust or bacteria

Coated Condenser Fins

Coated Condenser Fins

  • Corrosion-resistant coating
  • Long lasting
  • Also known as Blue Fin, Gold Coated or Pre-coated Fins
DC Inverter Technology

DC Inverter Technology

  • Also known as Direct Current (DC) Inverter Technology
  • Automatically adjusts the speed of the compressor
  • Unit maintains constant temperature without switching off the condenser
Point-and-Press Free Remote

Point-and-Press Free Remote

  • Developed on Zigbee technology
  • Works without pointing remote towards AC



  • Lets a user set switch-off time for an AC
  • Useful during night time

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