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Laptop Buyer Guide |

Laptop Buyer Guide

Complete tasks efficiently and connect with the world using a laptop. Purchase a laptop of your choice with efficient features with the help of this guide.

This guide will take you through the following:

  • The various laptops you can choose ranging from notebooks to 2-in-1 laptops and gaming laptops to laptabs
  • Laptop processors and how different types differ from each other
  • Laptop screen sizes and what each can offer users
  • What to expect from different operating systems
  • What you can do with different RAM sizes
  • A comparison between the two most used drives, HDD and SSD
  • How different types of ports can help you do more with your laptop
  • Which graphic cards are ideal for which types of tasks


A mainstay of laptop required for controlling software, hardware and other components. Also known as Central Processing Unit, this hardware is an essential component that combines with the system's memory to power software and facilitates multitasking.

Types of Intel Processor

Pentium Processor


  • Facilitates internet browsing
  • Performs basic tasks
  • Ideal for entry-level devices
Intel Corei3 Processor

Core i3

  • Ideal for multitasking and day-to-day activities
  • Ease of sharing and downloading pictures, music, and movies
  • Suitable for casual gaming
Intel Corei5 Processor

Core i5

  • Facilitates enhanced user experience for high-end games
  • Equipped with Turbo Boost to increase clock speed
Intel Corei7 Processor

Core i7

  • Immersive 3D experience
  • Supports Hyper-Threading, so that CPUs can schedule tasks intelligently and eliminate idle time
Select Core i7
Core i7 Intel Core i7

Table showing price range of different types of Intel processors

Type of Intel Processors Price Range ( in Rs.)
Pentium Dual Core 15,000-18,000
Pentium Quad Core 20,000-23,000
Core i3 24,000-27,000
Core i5 33,000-36,000
Core i7 48,000-51000

Types of AMD Processor

AMD A4 Processor


  • Suitable for browsing Internet and social networking
  • Facilitates HD resolution for watching movies and videos
Select AMD A4
AMD A6 Processor


  • Ideal for streaming and editing video
  • Enables Blu-ray and 3D videos
  • Can play HD and 3D games
Select AMD A6
AMD A8 Processor


  • Best suited for power-driven applications
  • Facilitates multitasking through various HD monitors
  • Enables 3D gaming with dual graphics
Select AMD A8
AMD A10 Processor


  • Suitable for editing of high-definition videos and photos
  • Easy to overclock
Select AMD A10

Table showing price range of different types of AMD processors

Type of AMD Processors Price Range ( in Rs.)
A4 17,000-19,000
A6 24,000-26,000
A8 27,000-29,000
A10 31,000-33,000

Operating System

Juggling between hardware and software, an operating system makes a laptop interactive. You can choose from the following operating systems:

Operating Systems


Temporary date or cache files are stored on Random-access Memory or RAM, which facilitates multitasking in a laptop. A laptop should be integrated with minimum 2GB RAM for smooth multitasking.

RAM required and usage

2 to 4 GB 6 GB Above 8 GB
  • Internet browsing and casual gaming
  • E-mailing and social networking
  • Day-to-day tasks
  • Downloading and streaming
  • (On and over usage of 2 to 4 GB)
  • Editing/creating photos and videos
  • Smooth multi-tasking
  • Multimedia streaming
  • (On and over usage of 6 GB)
  • High-end gaming and designing
  • Graphic and video editing
Select 2 to 4 GB
Upto 2GB 2 GB DDR3 4 GB 4 GB DDR3
Select 6 GB
6 GB
Select Above 8 GB
8 GB 8 GB DDR3 12 GB 16 GB

Graphics Card

For streaming of high-definition videos and smooth user experience while playing games, a laptop is integrated with a powerful graphic card.

Laptop Graphics Card

Two types of graphic cards are as follows:

Integrated Graphic Card: A built-in graphic card designed for browsing internet, streaming videos, and playing casual games.

Dedicated Graphic Card: For performance oriented results for high-end gaming and editing videos, opt for AMD or Nvidia cards.

Select Graphics Card
Integrated 0 GB - 2 GB 2 GB More than 2 GB

Screen Size

When opting for a laptop, always keep in mind the end use of the machine. If you are a movie enthusiast then opt for a big screen HD laptop. To surf internet and updating social websites, a small screen laptop is suitable.

Laptop Screen Size

Laptop Types

With new technologies rolling out every day, the laptops have shrunken in size but loaded with endless features. Here is a list to laptops available:


  • Usually weighing less than 2.7kg, notebooks can easily be carried in backpacks and messenger bags.
  • They can have the same configurations as large desktops, making them ideal for people looking for processing power in a small package.
Select Notebook


  • Intel's line of ultrabooks, which combine performance with ultra-sleek design, are your choice if you're looking for the same
  • Ultrabooks can weigh as little as 1.3kg, making them good picks for people on the go
Select Ultrabook

2-in-1 Laptop

  • If you can't do without a laptop but like the small size of a tablet, a 2-in-1 laptop is for you
  • Different modes like stand mode, tablet mode and laptop mode offer flexibility and versatility
Select 2-in-1 Laptop
2-in-1 Laptop

Gaming Laptop

  • Gaming laptops are for people seeking to play graphic-driven games with enhanced user experience
  • They are powered by higher CPU and GPU.
Select Gaming Laptop
Gaming Laptop


  • Smaller than most laptops, netbooks can weigh as little as 0.99kg, perfect for slipping into your handbag
  • If web browsing and performing tasks like word processing and calculations are important to you, a netbook can serve you well.

Select Netbook


  • They are lightweight machines with flash memory and long-lasting battery.
  • Most of the laptabs have front and rear cameras with touchscreen display.
Select Laptab


Laptops are integrated with internal storage for smooth running of files. The hard disk drives or HDD are not noise-free but have better storage capacity. For noise-free, lightweight, and faster operations, some laptops are integrated with solid-state drives.

Laptop Storage


Update your tablet or phone or just move the data from laptop to hard drive through USB ports in a laptop. These ports are integrated with the motherboard of the laptop and you can also charge your gadgets through these.

Following type of ports are available in a laptop:

Laptop Ports USB 2.0

USB 2.0

Facilitates connection between a laptop and external peripherals like drives and smartphones.

Laptop Ports USB 3.0

USB 3.0

Transfer data at twice the speed of a USB 2.0 port.

Laptop HDMI Ports


Download and stream HD media through a projector or LED with this port.

Laptop Media Card Slots

Media-card slots

Suitable for transferring photos from a digital camera. It also reads a micro SD card.

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