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  • Buyers Guide - Mixer Juicer Grinder


Mixer, Juicer, Grinder Buyer Guide |

Juicer Mixer Grinder Buyer Guide

With an efficient mixer juicer grinder, you can reduce cooking timeThis piece of essential equipment packs several functions into one system and is a great buy for any kitchen. This piece of essential equipment packs several functions into one system and is a great buy for any kitchen.

Take a look at this guide which will introduce you to the following:

  • The reasons a mixer juicer grinder is essential for every kitchen
  • The different functions of a mixer juicer grinder
  • Features to look out for when shopping for a mixer juicer grinder
  • Tips to help one use a mixer juicer grinder with ease
Juicer, Mixer, Grinder

Key Features

The key features that you have to look for :



  • A mixer juicer grinder should be able to withstand frequent use.
  • A 500-watt motor is ideal for daily, moderate use while more powerful models of 750 watts can handle heavier use.
Heavy Base

Heavy base

  • Go for mixer juicer grinders that are weighty especially at the base. They're more stable, particularly when working at high speeds.


  • Decide what capacity machine you want. A mixer juicer grinder with one 1.5 litre jar, one 1.25 litre jar and a third 0.25 gm jar is the typical capacity.
  • Large size jars will be able to mix more food at once. However, they take up more counter space, which means small kitchens may feel cramped.
Locking Mechanism

Locking mechanism

  • Go for a machine with a locking mechanism. It will prevent it from starting up unless the jar is properly fit in.
  • It also prevents possible spillage and keeps foodstuff from clogging up the motor.
Number of Jars

Number of jars

  • A mixer juicer grinder should have at least 3 jars in various sizes. There should be a large one for handling higher quantities of food as well as a medium size one and a small one.
  • All jars should have large feeding mouths to make it easy to put food in.
Stainless Steel Blades

Stainless steel blades

  • Stainless steel blades are sturdy and don't bend easily.
  • Since the mixer juicer grinder will be processing different types of food using the blades, they must be sturdy to last long.
Speed Settings

Speed settings

A variable setting will give you more control when mixing, juicing or grinding different foodstuffs.

Pulse Mode

Pulse mode

  • Look for a mixer juicer grinder with pulse mode.
  • It lets you process different foods using different levels of force.

Easy-to-Use Controls

Easy-to-use controls

Simple buttons and knobs with clearly labelled functions are easier to use.

Dry and wet grinding

Dry and wet grinding

  • Some mixer juicer grinders can process only dry or wet foods.
  • A model that can process both types of food is ideal.
Feeding Tube

Feeding tube

A feeding tube is an important feature to look for as it lets you feed items into the machine without stopping it and removing the jars.

Overload protection

Overload protection

With this feature, you'll be alerted when the mixer juicer grinder is overloaded and if hot ingredients are placed in.


MixerMixer JuicerJuicer GrinderGrinder
The mixer function should be able to handle larger quantities of food without over-straining the blades. In order to make both fresh juice and smoothies, look for a system whose juicer function works on citrus and non-citrus fruits. The grinder feature should be able to handle different ingredients and grind them into varying degrees of fineness.


  • Makes quick work of mundane tasks: Mixer juicer grinders work extremely fast and can get work done within minutes.
  • Outputs consistent results: Manually mixing, juicing or grinding food doesn't guarantee consistent outputs. However, with a mixer juicer grinder, you can be sure that food is processed the same way every time.
  • Leaves you free to attend to other work: With a mixer juicer grinder taking care of mundane yet time-consuming work, you're free to do other things. In a busy household or when you're pressed for time, this saves a lot of hassle.


In order to get the most use out of your mixer juicer grinder, it's important to know a few tips like:

  • Get familiar with the user manual. There may be small features that aren't advertised but that will come in useful. Troubleshooting will also be easier.
  • Don't fill jars all the way. Leave some room to allow food to mix, juice and grind easily. The blades won't get clogged up too.
  • A mixer juicer grinder works faster if the food it has to process is in small pieces. Even if you're juicing or grinding small items, try to cut them into half. The smaller the pieces, the better they can be ground up too.
  • When processing hard and soft foods, place the former at the bottom where the blades can get to them better. Place softer foods at the top and get a more consistent mix.
  • If you're grinding different types of items, stop the machine in between and use a spoon to mix the ingredients before resuming. It will result in a better blend.
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