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Mobile Buyer Guide

Experience the power of technology offered through a multifunctional mobile phone. Connect with technology and complete important tasks with the help of apps and features.

Through this guide, you'll learn:

  • How to choose a display size
  • What to expect from different resolution phones
  • The difference between capacitive and resistive touchscreen
  • What different PPIs can mean for your mobile use
  • How to choose a phone with a camera in mega pixel range to suit your needs
  • How different types of sensors can affect price, image quality and battery
  • How a powerbank can help you
  • The various types of SIM cards a phone uses today
  • The many different forms of mobile phone connectivity
  • The extra features a mobile phone should have

Mobile Phones

Screen Size

The size of your screen will determine the quality of your display.

Mobile Phone Screen Size


The higher the resolution, the better the image, video and webpage quality.

SD: Standard Definition

720p and lower

  • Images can look blurry around the edges
  • Cannot watch HD videos
  • Cannot play HD games

HD: High Definition

720p 1080p 2k and Higher
  • Images are more detailed
  • Can watch HD videos
  • Ideal for internet browsing
  • Images are more detailed
  • Can watch full HD videos
  • Can play high resolution games
  • Quad-HD resolution produces excellent image clarity and colour
  • Can play quad-HD-optimised videos and games


This determines how you will be controlling your phone's interface.

Mobile Phone Touchscreen
Select Touchscreen Phones
Touchscreen Phones

Pixels Per Inch (PPI)

This refers to the density of pixels in one square inch of display. The higher the ppi, the higher is the quality of the display.

Mobile Phone Pixels
IOS Mobile Phones


  • Does not lag.
  • No bloatware.

iOS8 iOS9
  • Custom keyboard via third party apps
  • Send Last Location' feature backs up GPS coordinates when battery life is low
  • Time-lapse video feature
  • Search the web from Spotlight
  • Notes has new features such as text format, checklist, bullet list and a sketching tool. Can paste links from Safari
  • Photos app has a new scrubber bar to quickly scan through photos
  • iCloud Drive app
  • Transit directions in Apple Maps

iOS 9 is the latest operating system. While it introduces a range of new features and tweaks, it does see a drop in app response time, particularly with older iPhones like the 4S.

Select IOS
Android Mobile Phones


  • Easy to sideload apps
  • Open source framework

Lollipop Marshmallow
  • Project Volta offers Power Saver mode, better battery usage display, and job scheduler
  • Swipe down twice for Quick Settings toggles
  • Incoming phone call appears on top of the screen if phone is in active use
  • Lockscreen notifications have replaced lockscreen widgets
  • To save battery, a new feature called Doze puts phones to sleep when not being used in order to save battery
  • App Standby prevents rarely used apps from draining the battery
  • Fingerprint sensor increases security and lets you sign in, use Play Store and apps
  • microSD expansion support allows memory cards to be formatted as internal storage

Lollipop has interesting tweaks, but it can feel buggy on older phone models. Unless you need to, stick to KitKat, at least for the time being.

Select Android
Windows Mobile Phones


Microsoft has rolled out the latest Windows 10 OS for Windows phones.

  • A universal app system lets apps designed for PCs run on Windows 10 mobile phones with a slight tweak of coding
  • Microsoft Edge browser replaces Internet Explorer, and is faster with support for extensions and reading lists
  • Continuum feature allows supported Windows 10 phones to serve as mini PCs by plugging them into external monitors and tablets. Keyboards can be used as well
  • New photo app allows photo library to be synced across devices.
  • Colourful and intuitive interface
  • Very well optimized for its hardware
Select Windows
Blackberry Mobile Phones


  • Corporate oriented interface
  • Secure data encryption
  • High data compression
Select Blackberry
Symbian Mobile Phones


  • Designed for low energy consumption
Select Symbian
Mobile Processors


This is the heart of your phone. The processor manages all your apps and other tasks.

Single Core: A single core processor has a single core to process various tasks.

  • Less responsive user interface
  • Multitasking is a challenge
  • A single core processor can clock up to 1.5 GHz

Dual Core: This means that the processor has two complete execution cores per physical processor.

  • Good for videos and images
  • Ideal for casual gaming
  • Can handle multiple tasks and apps
  • A dual core phone can clock up to 2 GHz depending on the make and model of the processor.

Quad Core: This processor has four complete execution cores.

  • Incredibly fast and smooth performance
  • Excellent for HD gaming
  • Perfect for HD video and images
  • A quad core phone can have a speed of up to 2.7 GHz.

Octa Core: Contrary to popular belief, an octacore processor doesn't have eight cores. It has two sets of quad core processors to process different operations.

  • Better multitasking
  • Faster processing
  • Octacore processors can run up to 1.7 GHz
Mobile RAM


Random Access Memory is the place in a phone where the operating system, apps, and data in current use are kept so that they can be quickly reached by your phone's processor.

Less than 1GB RAM:

  • Slower performance
  • Average quality videos and images
  • Processing power is diminished
  • Sub-1GB RAM can accommodate over 50 apps. However, app type, size and optimisation influence responsiveness.

More than 1GB RAM:

  • Ideal for playing videos and games
  • Faster and more efficient processing power
  • Runs multiple apps without lag
  • Faster and more efficient loading


This refers to the storage space on your phone. Here you can save videos, images and other files. Some phones also allow for expandable memory. The unit for storage space is Gigabytes (GB).

Internal Storage:

  • Fixed storage space
  • Its size cannot be changed
  • Cannot be taken out or replaced

Expandable Storage:

  • Comes in the form of micro SD cards
  • Allows more storage on your phone
  • Easily changeable and replaceable
  • Largest SD card size is 128 GB

Rear Camera

The unit used to measure the quality of a phone camera is Mega Pixels (MP).

Mobile Phone Rear Camera
Front Camera in Mobile Phones

Front Camera

A front camera is an indispensable part of your phone.

Below 1.5 MP:

  • Moderate quality images and video
  • Not ideal for selfies

Above 1.5 MP:

  • Higher quality of images and video recording
  • Excellent for selfies
  • Can also be used as a makeshift mirror
Mobile Phones with Flash Cameras


  • A flash helps you take brighter pictures in low light
  • Extremely helpful in Macro photography or close-up shots
  • Also functions as a torch in darkness
  • Also functions as a torch in darkness
Mobile Camera Sensor



  • Reduced battery consumption
  • Less expensive


  • Excellent for low-light imaging
  • More expensive than CMOS sensors

Battery Type

Mobile Phone Batteries

Battery Life

This will determine how long your phone can stay on without a charge. This unit is measured in mAh (milliampere-hour)

Less than 1500mAh Battery

Less than 1500mAh

  • Standby time: On a full charge, sub-1500mAh battery can provide 225 hours of standby time with 3G on.
  • Talk time: A phone with less than 1500mAh battery may provide 8 hours talk time with 3G on.
More than 1500mAh Battery

More than 1500mAh

  • Standby time: Over 1500mAh battery can deliver more than 300 hours of standby time (3G).
  • Talk time: Talk time can extend to over 17 hours with 3G on.


  • It's a battery that can be charged on a power outlet and used to charge mobile phones on-the-go.
  • They're portable and are handy for people on-the-go
  • Can feature multiple charging ports depending on the make and model

Sim Slots

Mobile Phone Sim Slots
Select Sim Slots
Dual SIM

Sim Type

  • Consumers can purchase cards that can be converted from mini to micro to nano sizes.
  • In the event of non-availability, vendors can easily cut cards to fit phone requirements for a small fee.
Mobile Phone Sim Type
Mobile Phones with Wi-Fi


  • Eases connectivity with computer
  • Helps with fast data transfer
  • Receives signals from modem
  • Allows your phone to access your home internet
Select Phones with Wi-Fi
Mobile Phones with GPS


  • Ideal for people who travel a lot
  • Helps in locating destinations
  • Works well with maps applications like Google Maps and Map My India
  • With GPS on and with the appropriate app, you can determine traffic travel time and make use of direction indicators.
  • Drains battery faster. Devices can last anywhere from 3 hours to over 10 hours with GPS turned on.
Select Phones with GPS
Mobile Phones with Bluetooth


  • Facilitates easy and convenient transfer of files
  • Can be paired up with any Bluetooth enabled device like speakers
Select Phones with Bluetooth
Mobile Phones with NFC


  • Enables data transfer between phones
  • Can be used to lock doors, charge your phone
  • Can even be used to pay for services
Mobile Phones with Infrared


  • Used for short- and medium-range communications and control
  • Infrared signals cannot pass through walls
Mobile Phones with HDMI


  • Provides highest possible quality of audio and video playback
  • View all your pictures and videos on a large TV screen
  • Can even turn your phone into a small desktop computer
Mobile Phones with 3G


  • High-speed, wireless data transfer
  • Provides greater bandwidth on the go
  • Enables efficient and faster social networking activities
Select Phones with 3G
Mobile Phones with 4G


  • Increased bandwidth leads to much faster data transfer speed
  • Smooth video streaming
Mobile Phones with FM

FM Radio

A majority of phones come equipped with an FM radio.

  • Ideal for people who like to listen to music
  • Doesn't take up too much bandwidth
Select Phones with FM
SAR Value

SAR Value

The permitted SAR value of phones made or imported into India is not more than 1.6 W/kg.

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