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Television Buyer Guide |

Television Buyer Guide

Choose a television with best features with the help of this guide. Shop from various TVs like LEDs and OLEDs, while enjoying crisp and clear audio quality.

Through this guide, you will learn about:

  • Different types of televisions you can choose from including LED, LCD, plasma and OLED
  • Different TV screen sizes depending on your room size and viewing distance
  • TV resolution and how pixels can affect picture quality
  • Speaker choices for your television
  • Features of different types of televisions like smart TV, 3D TV, curved TV and ultra HDTV
  • Television accessories such as HDMI and USB to enhance connectivity


Types of TV



  • LED TVs produce sharper images and have a wide colour gamut
  • You can choose between edge-lit, which are thinner, and backlit, which produce sharper images, LED TVs
  • Uses less power but has a brighter display
  • Can be less than 1 inch thin
Select LED TV


  • LCD TVs are less expensive than LED TVs
  • While not as colour-rich and sharp as LED TVs, they're ideal for people on a budget
  • You can find sleek LCD TVs of about 1 inch in slimness
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Plasma TV

Plasma TVs

  • Plasma TVs have better picture quality than LCD and LED TVs
  • They offer wide viewing angles and do not lead to blurring of images



  • They have a very wide colour range, which is almost as close to DCI standards
  • OLED TVs are extremely slim and some models are as thin as 1cm

Screen Size

Standard Viewing Distance According to Screen Size

Viewing Distance According to Screen Size
  • 32 Inches and Smaller: An excellent size for bedrooms, kitchens, and casual sitting areas. The viewing distance from the screen should be 3.5 to 5 feet.
  • 35 to 39 Inches: Ideal for average-sized living rooms and small bedrooms. The viewing distance from the screen should be 4 to 6 feet.
  • 50 to 64 inches: They are large TVs that provide excellent visual impact. They are perfect for big living rooms. The viewing distance from the screen should be 5 to 7.5 feet.
  • 65 to 90 Inches: They give you theatre-like experience. They are outstanding for media rooms too. The viewing distance from the screen should be 6 to 9 feet way.

TV screen size is measured diagonally and every size has an ideal width and height. While this varies from model to model and brand to brand, this chart shows you the typical measurements:

TV Screen Size

Resolution of TV Sets

  • 480p: This is the standard definition used in most DVD players and TV broadcasts.
  • 720p: 720p produces HD display. Though the pixels appear larger when you are too close to the screen, you still get a sharp image.
  • 1080p: If you're looking for excellent picture quality, choose a TV with 1080p resolution. This full HD quality is comparable to Blu-ray discs.
  • 4K: Currently the highest resolution available, it's four times that of 1080p.

The following table shows you what content quality you can expect from various resolutions: Resolution of TV
Select Resolution
Full HD HD Ready

Other Features of Television

Smart TV

Smart TV

  • As well as receiving standard channels, a Smart TV allows you to access online content via the internet using apps built into the TV.
  • A homepage lets you find all the functioning options available.
  • Smart TVs connect to your home internet connection
  • Allows you to browse applications and additional content
  • Smart TVs can often connect to other Smart devices such as phones and tablets
  • Enables you to easily share content from one device to another


  • With a 3D TV, you can watch 3D content using 3D glasses
  • All 3D TVs come equipped with a switching back to a normal display option as well
  • Most of them are compatible with ultra HD videos.
Curved TV

Curved TV

  • Enhanced viewing regardless of angle
  • Gives you a greater sense of depth
  • Gives a more focused image as it tracks the rounded shape of your eyes
Ultra 4D(4K) TV

Ultra 4D(4K) TV

  • Ability to upscale the current high-resolution content to a sharper visual
  • Gives you a theatre-like experience at home
  • Blacks appear deeper while colours appear richer


  • Uncompressed, all-digital video/audio interface
  • Ideal for HD movies and music
  • Works best with HD games
  • Supports higher bitrate
  • Renders videos better than old AV media cables


  • Allows you to connect a number of devices to your TV
  • Can also charge smart devices like smart phones and tablets

TV Remote

TV Remote

  • Some remotes have glow-in-the-dark keys or backlight keys

Mounts and Stands

Mounts and Stands

  • Easily adjustable as per your TV's height to give your TV a sturdy support
  • Can give you a comfortable viewing position and height
  • Designed to suit the model and type of television set


  • Connect your TV to your home internet without any wires
  • Can use it to browse files stored on computer in the same network
  • Turns your television into a Smart TV
  • Can also stream videos and music off the internet
Ethernet for TV

Ethernet for TV

  • Connects your TV to your home broadband
  • Use your TV as a computer monitor and browse the net
  • Can also view movies and videos stored on the same LAN network

Sound Quality

  • Sound Bars: They can be positioned in front of the television screen or secured against the wall. They either have wires or come with wireless subwoofers.
  • Sound Base: They can be positioned underneath the base of the television screen. They are more discreet sound-enhancing options.

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