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Faqs Refurbished

  • Q. What are Refurbished Products? A. Refurbished Products are used products which was returned after using for more than a month. They are essentially 2nd hand products which go through 7-level quality tests and are factory restored by highly qualified professionals and come with 3rd party/seller warranty. Products may have cosmetic blemishes, but are in good working condition. Accessories are included which may not be original.
  • Q: Why should I buy refurbished products instead of a New Product?A: Refurbished products typically carry a 50-80% discount versus the new items. Hence, these products offer value for money. This discount might depend on various factors including brand and/or seller pricing policy or 3rd party/seller warranty conditions.
  • Q: How are Refurbished products different from Expert Certified Unboxed Products?A: Refurbished products have been used for more than a month as compared to Expert Certified Unboxed Products which have been used for less than a month. Refurbished products might have major scratches whereas Expert Certified Unboxed Products may have minor cosmetic blemishes.
  • Q: How will I know if a product being sold on ShopClues is a Refurbished Product?A: All Refurbished Products will have the badge as on the product page/description.
  • Q: How will I determine the condition of Refurbished Products?A: This information will be seen on the product detail page/description & product title for the specific Refurbished Products.
  • Q: Will I receive the refurbished products without a brand seal?A: Yes, the products will be without the brand seal since they are used products.
  • Q: What will be the delivery timelines?A: Delivery for refurbished products will be the same as delivery for other products that are fulfilled by ShopClues; subject to delivery location or pin-code.
  • Q: Who are the Experts who certify these refurbished products? A: Experts are establishments who are authorized to certify the quality of refurbished products. They are authorized to do so because they:
    * Have a refurbishment plant setup
    * Employ qualified technicians
  • Q: Is there any warranty on these products?A: All refurbished products sold on ShopClues will carry a minimum of 6 months warranty. This warranty will be offered by 3rd Party/Seller.
  • Q: How do I avail warranty for these products? A: Warranty can be availed by reaching out the seller or 3rd party. Contact Details are as below:
    Gadgetwood warranty: 011-60012600
    Warrantybazaar warranty: 1800-103-3593
    ZurePro warranty: 080-80443352
    Seller warranty: 0124-4414888 For any more queries, you can reach us at
  • Q: Return Policy? A: Same as new products. Read more
  • Q: What is the return window of such products?A: Return window for refurbished products will be same as that of new products i.e. 10 days.
  • Q: Will there be customer support on products purchased? Can I avail the ShopClues customer support services on these products? A: Support for these products is provided by 3rd Party Establishments. You can find their contact details here.
  • Q: What about refurbished products in other categories like televisions, laptops, etc.? Do you plan to launch sometime soon? A: We have launched smartphones, feature phones & laptops currently. We will keep you updated about further launches.
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