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LAPTOP/ADAPTER CHARGER FOR HP 18.5V 3.5A BIG PIN Pavilion dv1132AP Pavilion dv1133AP Pavilion dv1133WM

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LAPTOP/ADAPTER CHARGER FOR HP 18.5V 3.5A BIG PIN Pavilion dv1132AP Pavilion dv1133AP Pavilion dv1133WM

LAPTOP/ADAPTER CHARGER FOR HP 18.5V 3.5A BIG PIN Pavilion dv1132AP Pavilion dv1133AP Pavilion dv1133WM Buy LAPTOP/ADAPTER CHARGER FOR HP 18.5V 3.5A BIG PIN Pavilion dv1132AP Pavilion dv1133AP Pavilion dv1133WM online at a discounted price from Shop Mobile & Laptop Accessories, Computer Accessories products @ Lowest Prices. Shop now! Enjoy Free Shipping & COD across India. EMI options available with Easy Return/Replacement Polices. Product Id : 104411617
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Product Details:

LAPTOP/ADAPTER CHARGER FOR HP 18.5V 3.5A BIG PIN Pavilion dv1132AP Pavilion dv1133AP Pavilion dv1133WM

Compatible / replacement HP Laptop 65W Adapter / Charger 18.5V 3.5A 65 Watt

3 Months replacement warranty.

Contact 08800367886 or mail for details/queries.

Item Specification :-
Specifications : Input 100-240 Volts AC, 50Hz

Output as under : 18.5V 3.5A 65W (free Power Cord ).

Compatible Hp Laptop Models:
Pavilion dv1000 Pavilion dv1001 Pavilion dv1001AP Pavilion dv1002 Pavilion dv1002AP Pavilion dv1003AP Pavilion dv1004AP Pavilion dv1005AP Pavilion dv1005EA Pavilion dv1006AP Pavilion dv1006EA Pavilion dv1007AP Pavilion dv1007EA Pavilion dv1008AP Pavilion dv1009 Pavilion dv1009AP Pavilion dv1010AP Pavilion dv1010CA Pavilion dv1010US Pavilion dv1011EA Pavilion dv1012LA Pavilion dv1013AP Pavilion dv1014AP Pavilion dv1014LA Pavilion dv1015AP Pavilion dv1015LA Pavilion dv1016AP Pavilion dv1017AP Pavilion dv1018AP Pavilion dv1019AP Pavilion dv1019EA Pavilion dv101eAP Pavilion dv1020AP Pavilion dv1021AP Pavilion dv1022AP Pavilion dv1023AP Pavilion dv1024AP Pavilion dv1024LA Pavilion dv1025AP Pavilion dv1025LA Pavilion dv1026AP Pavilion dv1027AP Pavilion dv1029AP, Pavilion dv1030AP Pavilion dv1030EA Pavilion dv1031AP Pavilion dv1032AP Pavilion dv1033AP Pavilion dv1034AP Pavilion dv1035AP Pavilion dv1036AP Pavilion dv1037AP Pavilion dv1040CA Pavilion dv1040US Pavilion dv1042QV Pavilion dv1044LA Pavilion dv1045EA Pavilion dv1045LA Pavilion dv1049CL Pavilion dv1049EA Pavilion dv1050EA Pavilion dv1055EA Pavilion dv1057EA Pavilion dv1060US Pavilion dv1061EA Pavilion dv1063EA Pavilion dv1064EA Pavilion dv1065EA Pavilion dv1065US Pavilion dv1066EA Pavilion dv1067EA Pavilion dv1068EA Pavilion dv1071EA Pavilion dv1074EA Pavilion dv1075EA Pavilion dv1100 Pavilion dv1101AP Pavilion dv1102AP Pavilion dv1103AP Pavilion dv1104AP Pavilion dv1105AP Pavilion dv1105EA Pavilion dv1106AP Pavilion dv1107AP Pavilion dv1107EA Pavilion dv1108AP Pavilion dv1108EA Pavilion dv1109AP Pavilion dv1109EA Pavilion dv1110AP Pavilion dv1110EA Pavilion dv1111AP Pavilion dv1111EA Pavilion dv1112AP Pavilion dv1112EA Pavilion dv1113AP Pavilion dv1114AP Pavilion dv1115AP Pavilion dv1115LA Pavilion dv1116AP Pavilion dv1117AP Pavilion dv1117LA Pavilion dv1118AP Pavilion dv1119AP Pavilion dv1120AP Pavilion dv1121AP Pavilion dv1122AP Pavilion dv1123AP Pavilion dv1124AP Pavilion dv1125AP Pavilion dv1125EA Pavilion dv1125LA Pavilion dv1126AP Pavilion dv1127AP Pavilion dv1128AP Pavilion dv1129AP Pavilion dv1130AP Pavilion dv1130CA Pavilion dv1130EA Pavilion dv1130US Pavilion dv1131AP Pavilion dv1131EA Pavilion dv1131wm-b Pavilion dv1132AP Pavilion dv1133AP Pavilion dv1133WM Pavilion dv1134AP Pavilion dv1135AP Pavilion dv1135EA Pavilion dv1135LA Pavilion dv1136AP Pavilion dv1136EA Pavilion dv1137AP Pavilion dv1137EA Pavilion dv1138AP Pavilion dv1138EA Pavilion dv1139AP Pavilion dv1139EA Pavilion dv1140EA Pavilion dv1142EA Pavilion dv1145EA Pavilion dv1150US Pavilion dv1152EA Pavilion dv1153EA Pavilion dv1154EA Pavilion dv1155EA Pavilion dv1156CL Pavilion dv1159EA Pavilion dv1160EA Pavilion dv1165EA Pavilion dv1167EA Pavilion dv1168EA Pavilion dv1170CA Pavilion dv1170EA Pavilion dv1170US Pavilion dv1175US Pavilion dv1180EA Pavilion dv1180US Pavilion dv1190EA Pavilion dv1200 Pavilion dv1207US Pavilion dv1210US Pavilion dv1215WM Pavilion dv1217US Pavilion dv1220EA Pavilion dv1220US Pavilion dv1224EA Pavilion dv1225CA Pavilion dv1225EA Pavilion dv1227US Pavilion dv1230EA Pavilion dv1240CA Pavilion dv1240US Pavilion dv1245CL Pavilion dv1245EA Pavilion dv1249EA Pavilion dv1250EA Pavilion dv1251EA Pavilion dv1252EA Pavilion dv1253EA Pavilion dv1254EA Pavilion dv1255EA Pavilion dv1258EA Pavilion dv1259EA Pavilion dv1260EA Pavilion dv1262EA Pavilion dv1263EA Pavilion dv1265EA Pavilion dv1266EA Pavilion dv1267EA Pavilion dv1270EA Pavilion dv1272EA Pavilion dv1275EA Pavilion dv1280EA Pavilion dv1281EA Pavilion dv1300 Pavilion dv1301 Pavilion dv1302 Pavilion dv1310US Pavilion dv1311AP Pavilion dv1311SE Pavilion dv1312AP Pavilion dv1313AP Pavilion dv1314AP Pavilion dv1315AP Pavilion dv1315CL Pavilion dv1315LA Pavilion dv1316AP Pavilion dv1317AP Pavilion dv1317LA Pavilion dv1318AP Pavilion dv1319AP Pavilion dv1320AP Pavilion dv1320BR Pavilion dv1320US Pavilion dv1321AP Pavilion dv1321US Pavilion dv1325AP Pavilion dv1325LA Pavilion dv1326AP Pavilion dv1327AP Pavilion dv1330BR Pavilion dv1330CA Pavilion dv1331SE Pavilion dv1333AP Pavilion dv1334AP Pavilion dv1335AP Pavilion dv1335LA Pavilion dv1336AP Pavilion dv1337AP Pavilion dv1340AP Pavilion dv1340BR Pavilion dv1340US Pavilion dv1349AP Pavilion dv1350AP Pavilion dv1351AP Pavilion dv1352AP Pavilion dv1399 Pavilion dv1410US Pavilion dv1411SE Pavilion dv1420CA Pavilion dv1420US Pavilion dv1427US Pavilion dv1430US Pavilion dv1432US Pavilion dv1439US Pavilion dv1440CA Pavilion dv1440US Pavilion dv1515cl Pavilion dv1519us Pavilion dv1520us Pavilion dv1530us Pavilion dv1532us Pavilion dv1550se Pavilion dv1580se Pavilion dv4000 Series Pavilion dv5000 Series Pavilion dv5000z Series Pavilion dv8000 Series Pavilion dv8000t Pavilion dv8000z Pavilion dv8000z Series Pavilion dv8002ea Pavilion dv8005ea Pavilion dv8010ea Pavilion dv8013cl Pavilion dv8013xx Pavilion dv80xxus Pavilion dv8100 Series Pavilion dv8102ea Pavilion dv8110us Pavilion dv8113cl Pavilion dv8113ea Pavilion dv8114ea Pavilion dv8116ea Pavilion dv8117ea Pavilion dv8120ca Pavilion dv8125nr Pavilion dv8200 Series Pavilion dv8201tx Pavilion dv8202tx Pavilion dv8203tx Pavilion dv8204tx Pavilion dv8205tx Pavilion dv8206tx Pavilion dv8207tx Pavilion dv8208tx Pavilion dv8209tx Pavilion dv8300 Series Pavilion dv8300tx Pavilion dv8301nr Pavilion dv8301tx Pavilion dv8302tx Pavilion dv8304tx Pavilion dv8305ca Pavilion dv8305tx Pavilion dv8305us Pavilion dv8306ea Pavilion dv8306tx Pavilion dv8307ea Pavilion ze2000 Pavilion ze2000T Pavilion ze2000Z Pavilion ze2001 Pavilion ze2001AP Pavilion ze2001EA Pavilion ze2002AP Pavilion ze2002EA Pavilion ze2003AP Pavilion ze2004AP Pavilion ze2004US Pavilion ze2005AP Pavilion ze2005EA Pavilion ze2006AP Pavilion ze2007AP Pavilion ze2007EA Pavilion ze2008AP Pavilion ze2008WM Pavilion ze2009 Pavilion ze2009AP Pavilion ze2010AP Pavilion ze2010BR Pavilion ze2010EA Pavilion ze2011AP Pavilion ze2012AP Pavilion ze2013AP Pavilion ze2014AP Pavilion ze2015AP Pavilion ze2015EA Pavilion ze2015US Pavilion ze2016AP Pavilion ze2017AP Pavilion ze2018AP Pavilion ze2019AP Pavilion ze2020AP Pavilion ze2020BR Pavilion ze2020CA Pavilion ze2020EA Pavilion ze2021EA Pavilion ze2022AP Pavilion ze2022EA Pavilion ze2023EA Pavilion ze2024EA Pavilion ze2025EA Pavilion ze2026EA Pavilion ze2027EA Pavilion ze2028EA Pavilion ze2030BR Pavilion ze2039EA Pavilion ze2040BR Pavilion ze2040EA Pavilion ze2044EA Pavilion ze2045EA Pavilion ze2050EA Pavilion ze2055EA Pavilion ze2058EA Pavilion ze2060EA Pavilion ze2062EA Pavilion ze2064EA Pavilion ze2065EA Pavilion ze2068EA Pavilion ze2070EA Pavilion ze2090EA Pavilion ze2091EA Pavilion ze2101EA Pavilion ze2103EA Pavilion ze2104EA Pavilion ze2105EA Pavilion ze2106EA Pavilion ze2107EA Pavilion ze2108E Pavilion ze2109EA Pavilion ze2110EA Pavilion ze2111EA Pavilion ze2112EA Pavilion ze2113EA Pavilion ze2114EA Pavilion ze2115EA Pavilion ze2116EA Pavilion ze2117EA Pavilion ze2119EA Pavilion ze2120CA Pavilion ze2125EA Pavilion ze2128EA Pavilion ze2129EA Pavilion ze2130EA Pavilion ze2139EA Pavilion ze2140EA Pavilion ze2145EA Pavilion ze2150EA Pavilion ze2151EA Pavilion ze2155EA Pavilion ze2160EA Pavilion ze2200 Pavilion ze2200T Pavilion ze2201 Pavilion ze2201AP Pavilion ze2202AP Pavilion ze2203AP Pavilion ze2204AP Pavilion ze2205AP Pavilion ze2206AP Pavilion ze2207AP Pavilion ze2208AP Pavilion ze2209 Pavilion ze2209AP Pavilion ze2210AP Pavilion ze2210BR Pavilion ze2211AP Pavilion ze2212AP Pavilion ze2214TU Pavilion ze2220BR Pavilion ze2220EA Pavilion ze2250EA Pavilion ze2251EA Pavilion ze2260EA Pavilion ze2262EA Pavilion ze2265EA Pavilion ze2284EA Pavilion ze2285EA Pavilion ze2287EA Pavilion ze4900 Pavilion ze4901 Pavilion ze4901EA Pavilion ze4901US Pavilion ze4902 Pavilion ze4902EA Pavilion ze4903EA Pavilion ze4903US Pavilion ze4904EA Pavilion ze4904US Pavilion ze4905EA Pavilion ze4906EA Pavilion ze4906US Pavilion ze4907EA Pavilion ze4907WM-B Pavilion ze4908EA Pavilion ze4908US Pavilion ze4910EA Pavilion ze4910LA Pavilion ze4910US Pavilion ze4911EA Pavilion ze4911US Pavilion ze4912EA Pavilion ze4913EA Pavilion ze4914EA Pavilion ze4915EA Pavilion ze4916EA Pavilion ze4917EA Pavilion ze4918EA Pavilion ze4919CL Pavilion ze4920EA Pavilion ze4920LA Pavilion ze4921EA Pavilion ze4922EA Pavilion ze4923EA Pavilion ze4925EA Pavilion ze4926EA Pavilion ze4927EA Pavilion ze4928EA Pavilion ze4929EA Pavilion ze4930EA Pavilion ze4930LA Pavilion ze4930US Pavilion ze4931EA Pavilion ze4932EA Pavilion ze4933EA Pavilion ze4933US Pavilion ze4934EA Pavilion ze4935EA Pavilion ze4935WM Pavilion ze4936EA Pavilion ze4937EA Pavilion ze4938EA Pavilion ze4939EA Pavilion ze4940EA Pavilion ze4940LA Pavilion ze4941EA Pavilion ze4941US Pavilion ze4942EA Pavilion ze4942US Pavilion ze4943EA Pavilion ze4944EA Pavilion ze4945EA Pavilion ze4946EA Pavilion ze4947EA Pavilion ze4947WM-B Pavilion ze4948EA Pavilion ze4949EA Pavilion ze4949US Pavilion ze4950EA Pavilion ze4951EA Pavilion ze4952EA Pavilion ze4953EA Pavilion ze4954EA Pavilion ze4955EA Pavilion ze4956EA Pavilion ze4957EA Pavilion ze4958EA Pavilion ze4961EA Pavilion ze4962EA Pavilion ze4965EA Pavilion zt3000 Series Pavilion zt3001 Pavilion zt3007 Pavilion zt3010 Pavilion zt3011 Pavilion zt3012 Pavilion zt3013 Pavilion zt3014 Pavilion zt3015 Pavilion zt3016 Pavilion zt3017 Pavilion zt3018 Pavilion zt3019 Pavilion zt3020 Pavilion zt3021 Pavilion zt3022 Pavilion zt3023 Pavilion zt3024 Pavilion zt3025 Pavilion zt3026 Pavilion zt3027 Pavilion zt3028 Pavilion zt3029 Pavilion zt3030 Pavilion zt3031 Pavilion zt3032 Pavilion zt3033 Pavilion zt3034 Pavilion zt3035 Pavilion zt3036 Pavilion zt3037 Pavilion zt3038 Pavilion zt3039 Pavilion zt3040 Pavilion zt3041 Pavilion zt3042 Pavilion zt3043 Pavilion zt3044 Pavilion zt3045 Pavilion zt3046 Pavilion zt3047 Pavilion zt3048 Pavilion zt3049 Pavilion zt3050 Pavilion zt3051 Pavilion zt3057 Pavilion zt3068 Pavilion zt3101 Pavilion zt3105 Pavilion zt3106 Pavilion zt3110 Pavilion zt3111 Pavilion zt3113 Pavilion zt3114 Pavilion zt3115 Pavilion zt3116 Pavilion zt3120 Pavilion zt3130 Pavilion zt3131 Pavilion zt3140 Pavilion zt3170 Pavilion zt3200 Pavilion zt3201 Pavilion zt3202 Pavilion zt3203 Pavilion zt3204 Pavilion zt3205 Pavilion zt3206 Pavilion zt3207 Pavilion zt3208 Pavilion zt3209 Pavilion zt3210 Pavilion zt3211 Pavilion zt3212 Pavilion zt3213 Pavilion zt3214 Pavilion zt3215 Pavilion zt3216 Pavilion zt3217 Pavilion zt3218 Pavilion zt3219 Pavilion zt3220

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