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Buy Sockets Online at low Prices in India

Buy Electrical Sockets and Extensions Online at

Buy electrical sockets and extensions on ShopClues India

Find the perfect electrical fixtures to meet your requirements

ShopClues India offers a wide range of electrical and hardware components online. You can choose from a wide range of electrical products and find the perfect product to meet your needs. ShopClues offers the largest range of electrical products so that you can choose the perfect product to meet all your requirements. You can buy products like multi-plug sockets which offer an easy way to temporarily increase the number of sockets if you have just one socket installed. They divide the electrical power of one socket over to more number of sockets so that you can power more electrical devices using a single wall power socket.

Buy the best electrical accessories from the best companies

With the rise in demand for electrical accessories, a lot of companies have started manufacturing spurious electrical components at lower prices. Moreover, these products are of inferior quality, which makes them prone to accidents and harm, which could affect both you and your appliances. However, ShopClues India offers only the best quality products manufactured only by the trusted and renowned companies like Brio and Atek. These companies manufacture the best quality electrical components which are durable and safe to use over longer periods. The variety in utility that you get on ShopClues is unparalleled, owing to the various needs that the brands on our web portal fulfil. For instance, brands like Amardeep offer you the chance to opt for a heavy duty 3-pin extension cord, while others manufacturers like Atek can offer you multiple socket extension boards that can have up to 6 sockets in all.

Find a wide range of electrical fixtures and accessories on ShopClues

You can find a wide range of electrical fixtures and accessories on ShopClues India. Whether you are looking for 3-pin sockets, 2-pin sockets, or multi-plug sockets; you can find it all on ShopClues – the most trusted website for online shopping in India. You can purchase power sockets on our web portal, which can come in handy whenever you need to change the power supply of any electrical appliance in your homes. 3-pin sockets offer an integrated solution to ground the current in case of current leakage together with providing power input and output to the appliances. 2-pin sockets are cheaper than 3-pin sockets and are ideal for small appliances, which have a low power rating because the chances of current leaking are less.

Discover more products from ShopClues India
If you have found the perfect electrical components to satisfy all your requirements, then you can check out the exciting range of electrical fixtures on ShopClues India. You can choose from a wide range of switchboards, switches, power supply cables, lighting sockets, lighting solutions, lighting regulators, and other electrical regulators, only on ShopClues India. These companies make durable products at competitive prices so that you can find the perfect products for your homes at affordable prices. The products on ShopClues are also covered under the standard manufacturer’s warranty as and when applicable.

Experience customizability with the help of a wide range of brands to choose from like ganapatistore7777 etc. The extensive price range of 251 - 500 is made to accommodate your budgets. Keep surfing through this amazing ocean of over 1 products. The Top 5 list on ShopClues featuring Panasio Power Saver (Save Electricity Save Money), ANNI CREATIONS 8 SOCKET EXTENTION BOARD, Solar Mc4 Connectors, 3 Pin Universal Conversion Plug. Usable With Indian Power Plug Sockets., Small and Light Weight Design., Compatible with, GM G Flex 2 Pin Flex Box (5 Mtr) will make it easier for you to make your purchase decision.

List of Best Selling Sockets price

Latest Sockets Price
Anchor Rider 6A Two Way Modular Switch White (10 Pcs) ₹700
Anchor Rider 10A Multi Modular Socket White (10 Pcs) ₹800
Anchor Rider Twin Modular Socket 20A And 10 A White (10 Pcs) ₹1250
Anchor Rider 6 Modular Frame Regency Series White (5 Pcs) ₹600
Anchor Rider 8 Modular Horizontal Frame Regency Series White (05 Pcs) ₹800
Anchor Rider 1 Modular Frame Regency Series White (05 Pcs) ₹400
Anchor Rider 3 Modular Frame Regency Series White (05 Pcs) ₹410
Anchor Rider Fan Step Regulator Mega Eme 100W White (02 Pcs) ₹780
Anchor Rider 12 Modular Frame Regency Series White (05 Pcs) ₹900
Anchor Rider Blank Plate Single White (20 Pcs) ₹400


Data last updated on 18/07/2024

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