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Skipping Ropes

Buy Skipping Ropes Online at low Prices in India

Buy skipping ropes online at best prices only at ShopClues India
Variety of skipping ropes for all enthusiasts
When was the last time you jumped rope? It's inexpensive and versatile - and burns more calories than you might think. Give it a whirl! If you haven't ever used a skipping rope since your school days, it's time for a skip down the memory lane. Skipping ropes have for ages been there and way more fun than getting on a cardio machine. ShopClues features a huge variety of jump ropes for you in order to pick and use the one that suits you the best!
Best brands at unbeatable prices
Played by children and many young adults, jump ropes are one of the most efficient ways to burn calories. ShopClues provides a wide assortment of skipping ropes, counter skipping ropes and more at never seen before prices.
We offer amazing discounts and offers from numerous well-established brands such as Toppro, Kamachi and more for you to select from. These brands provide you with the best quality skipping ropes and exercise equipment with quality assurance, after sales support and replacement guarantee.
Reasons to add jump roping to your daily workouts
When you jump over and again, your body loses 800 to 1,000 calories per hour — contrast that with 200 to 300 calories smoldered every hour while walking. This implies when you include bounce reserving into your workout schedule, you'll be shedding more calories.
It helps in balance and coordination
Jumping rope can expand your coordination, which won't just help you exceed expectations in any new game you attempt, but also improve your core strength and balance & coordination in general.
It helps you relax
When you jump, your body discharges endorphins, which go about as pain relievers and give you a feeling of well-being and unwinding. Besides, the deep breathing that you do while practicing vivaciously, clears your brain, hones your concentration and empowers you for the day ahead.
It's good for your heart
Jumping rope all the time enhances your cardiovascular wellness and the capacity of the heart and lungs to supply oxygen to working muscles. Therefore there is no better workout to get your heart rate up and keep your heart happy than jump roping.
If you don't have a rope, visit ShopClues online to pick among the best skipping ropes that suit your requirements.
Online shopping in India made easy with ShopClues
At ShopClues, we provide you with a variety of skipping rope in different ranges, free home delivery options, sizes, colors, etc. From the best of brands to feasible options, we make sure that we have catered to the end to end needs of all our customers. With ShopClues, you are also assured about timely delivery, comfort of shopping from home and quality surety. While you're looking for skipping ropes, you might also want to check out other options for healthy daily work-out from our specially curated collections of fitness equipment including hand grips, manual treadmills and motorized treadmills.
Happy Shopping!

Experience customizability with the help of a wide range of brands to choose from like Other, KUDOS, Fashion 7, LIBONI, R K Collection etc. The affordable prices ranges starting from as low as Rs. 249 and Below, Rs. 250 - Rs. 499 gives multiple options. Surf and shop till you find the perfect one amongst 33 products. This Top 5 list has all the best products like Nunchaku, Counting Skipping Rope by DDH (Assorted Color), Protoner Skipping Rope with automatic counter, Nunchaku, Fitness Basic Needs Skipping Rope+2 Hand Grip Exerciser + Pair Of Sweat Band and others at one place.

List of Best Selling Skipping Ropes price

Latest Skipping Ropes Price
Counting Skipping Rope by DDH (Assorted Color) ₹199
Liboni D-34 Freestyle Green Digital Jumping Skipping Rope ₹229
Nunchaku ₹209
Kudos Skipping Rope with Automatic Counter Multi color ( pack of 1 ) ₹229
Kudos Skipping Rope With Counter , Exercise Skipping Rope (Color May Vary) ₹289
Kudos Skipping Rope With Counter , Exercise Skipping Rope (Color May Vary) pack of 1 ₹229
Strauss Bling Jump Rope ₹289
Skipping Rope With Counter , Exercise Skipping Rope Jump rope ₹209
Skipping Jump Rope Exercise with Counter home gym exercise ₹209
Sell net retail Skipping / Jumping Rope with Counters pack of 1 ₹249


Data last updated on 21/02/2024

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