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Buy Women 3/4th Online in India

Have you checked out three quarter pants for women on ShopClues yet?

Confused between wearing slacks and shorts for your gym session? Have to go for a quick run and buy groceries on the way and wondering which outfit to wear? Your crush invited you to a party and you want to play it cool by not dressing up too much and not dressing shabbily either?

The answer to the above dress dilemmas for women could be 3/4th shorts / three quarter pants for women also known as 3/4th tights.

A bit of fuzz doesn't kill the buzz

Let's be honest, waxing is painful and shaving is bothersome. Much as we women would like to have smooth silky legs all the time, it is just not possible. Women do deserve a break, and they do deserve to feel comfortable yet chic. 3/4ths shorts / women capri pants are just the right bet for that.

Shorts or tights?

So how do we categorize 3/4ths. Are they shorts or are they tights. The answer is that they are both.

They can be called shorts because, well, they are shorter than trousers. And they can be termed as tights because certain fabrics and stitching styles make them a second skin.

Fashion with comfort

3/4ths shorts / three quarter pants for women bring for the fact that fashion can be comfortable and practical. And, not to forget, affordable.

Many styles

As the name suggests 3/4th shorts or tights cover the 3/4th of our legs. That is the basic definition. But even under these guidelines, there is a lot of scope for different designs.

Starting from the basic, there is the lounge variety. These come with drawstrings and can be a staple daily wear. They can be worn during exercises, running around for errands, chilling at home, etc.

Next comes the smart casual category. These 3/4ths / women capri pants are cut and styled like semi formal trousers, albeit shorter. They are great to nail that western semiformal look. They can be worn for weekend brunches, house parties, women's night and what not.

A wide range of fabrics

3/4th shorts / three quarter pants for women and tights lend themselves amazingly well to a wide range of fabrics, lycra, cotton, linen, wool, denim, you name it and chances are there is one.

If you are wondering where to go and make and informed choice about the perfect 3/4th for yourself, look no further than Shopclues. Shopclues brings to you the very best in online shopping, helping women discover their individual style. The deals and discounts offered make the shopping experience all the more sweeter.

A diverse range of brands to select from, like U-Light, Veloz. 251 - 500, 501 - 1000 price range that is tailored to be as affordable as possible. Keep surfing through this amazing ocean of over 3 products. The Top 5 list on ShopClues featuring Women's MultiSport Wear - Capri with Pocket (Leggings 3/4th) V Flex Printed Bottom Patch, U-Light Women Regular Shorts, U-Light Women Regular Shorts will make it easier for you to make your purchase decision.

List of Best Selling Women 3/4th price

Latest Women 3/4th Price
Women's MultiSport Wear - Capri with Pocket (Leggings 3/4th) V Flex Printed Bottom Patch ₹939
U-Light Women Regular Shorts ₹399
U-Light Women Regular Shorts ₹399


Data last updated on 25/04/2024

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