Merchant Ratings & Reviews

    Similar to Product reviews, merchant reviews and rating are also our community’s way of rating a merchant. At the end of every purchase, you get an email requesting you to provide feedback on the merchant. You get to rate the merchant on five star scale (1 star for Negative, 2 stars & 3 stars for Neutral and 4 stars & 5 stars for Positive) on four parameters -- 1) Shipping Time, 2) Shipping Cost, 3) Product Quality, and 4) Value for Money.

    Positive – Great experience- will definitely buy from this merchant again
    Negative- No way am I going to shop with this merchant again
    Neutral – The shopping experience was ok- maybe worth a second try

    Honestly, all our merchants should receive a Positive rating – they should “wow” you! Of course, if you have a negative experience that should be remedied immediately.

    You also get to leave a detailed feedback review- describing in detail your experiences – good and bad with the merchant. Providing merchant feedback will ensure that your next shopping experience will be directed by similar reviews.