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Fulfillment By ShopClues Online

Shopclues Fulfillment Policy-ShopClues
ShopClues offers three types of Fulfilment services based on your area of operation & few other factors.
1. ShopClues Velocity Premium (SCVP)
ShopClues handles the complete Fulfilment Process from Pickup to Delivery.
ShopClues Velocity Premium-ShopClues
2. ShopClues Velocity Basic (SCVB)
Under this service, seller takes care of the Quality Check & Packaging while ShopClues manages Shipment & Delivery through our Courier Partners.
  • Available in top 100 cities & we're stretching the service to over 500 new locations
  • Use ShopClues Packaging Material
  • Ensure that the packed product is same as the ordered product

ShopClues Velocity Basic-ShopClues
3. Merchant Direct Fulfilment (MDF)
Under Merchant Direct Fulfilment, sellers manage all stages of Fulfilment Process without ShopClues' intervention.
  • Service is available to sellers whose area of operation is not serviceable by our courier partners
  • Sellers who deal in precious goods such as Gold, can also opt for this service
Merchant Direct Fulfilment-ShopClues
Fulfilment & Packaging Fee
Fulfilment and Packaging Fee-ShopClues *Packaging service is only available in Delhi-NCR and Mumbai *Service Tax applicable on both Fulfilment Packaging Fee
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