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How to Sell-ShopClues
ShopClues offers three types of Fulfilment services based on your area of operation & few other factors.
1. ShopClues Velocity Premium (SCVP)
Prepare for growth like never before. The upgraded ShopClues Velocity Premium program handles your fulfilment & gives you benefits that boosts your store/sales. Focus only on sourcing, while we make your business smoother, better and more hassle-free.

  • Merchants on this service get a ShopClues Guarantee badge that increases product visibility. This will lead to more orders/sales.
  • ShopClues handles merchant fulfilment related grievances like: Wrong Color, Wrong Size, Wrong product delivered which are fulfilment related issues. Therefore, it reduces your RMAs & its liabilities.
  • Advance Inventory Pickup for faster shipment processing in JIT model. Increase customer satisfaction & reduces RTO, leading to repeat purchases.
  • Complete RTO handling, Inventory Management & Inventory Reconciliation by ShopClues. It reduces your operational burden of managing RTOs.
  • Packaging optimisation, leading to increased customer satisfaction & overall business growth.
  • Single Point of Contact for Pickup that reduces hassles of managing multiple courier timings.
  • Secured Polybag Packaging to avoid spilling.
  • All of this & many more to increase your revenue.
Here are a few steps that follow.
2. ShopClues Velocity Basic (SCVB)
Under this service, seller takes care of the Quality Check & Packaging while ShopClues manages Shipment & Delivery through our Courier Partners.
A- Available in top 100 cities & we're stretching the service to over 500 new locations
B- Use ShopClues Packaging Material
C- Ensure that the packed product is same as the ordered product
Follow the steps given below.
3. Here are the steps that every MDF Seller needs to follow.
Under Merchant Direct Fulfilment, sellers manage all stages of Fulfilment Process without ShopClues' intervention.
A- Service is available to sellers whose area of operation is not serviceable by our courier partners
B- Sellers who deal in precious goods such as Gold, can also opt for this service
Follow the steps given below.
Fulfilment & Packaging Fee
* Packaging service is only available in Delhi-NCR and Mumbai
* Service Tax applicable on both Fulfilment Packaging Fee
*Shipping Fees and COD Fees shall also be part of Fulfillment Fees in certain cases. This will be subject to change as per further notification.
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