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Exercise Bikes

Buy Exercise Bikes Online at low Prices in India

Buy exercise bikes online at the best rates only at ShopClues India
Wide range of exercise bikes
Fitness improves all aspects of people's lives. From relieving stress, to enhancing quality and perseverance, it ought to positively not be disregarded. As the familiar saying goes, your body is your temple. Look after it and in turn, it will look after you.
ShopClues helps you live a happy life with the best of fitness products we have to offer. We make sure your experience of online shopping in India is worthwhile with the most effective exercise cycles, magnetic upright bikes, etc. that help you achieve your dream state.
Top brands, reasonable prices
In spite of the prevalence of multiple other work-out equipment in the modern world, exercise bikes never lost their ubiquity in these present day times. A justifiable reason behind their life span may be followed to the effortlessness of the item, and the numerous cardiovascular activities one can perform with a decent exercise bike. You can find exercise bikes for sale online with a wide range of prices and different brands only at ShopClues.
We provide great offers on products from well-established brands like Toppro, Kamachi, etc. for you to choose from. These are the best brands when it comes to fitness equipment. They deliver value for money and are very user-friendly.
Different types of exercise bikes
There is a vast majority of exercise bikes that are designed for home use with different shape, sizes and affordable prices. The main difference lies in the design, its seating mechanism and how you can pedal it. Some of the unique products we have in this category include:
Dual action exercise bikes
The catchphrase with this kind of exercise bike is double activity. If you covet a full body workout with major attention to your abdominal area and lower body needs, you ought to consider getting this type of exercise bikes. This sort of exercise cycle would empower better cardiovascular wellbeing, as the handlebars are intended to backpedal and forward working together with your accelerating.
Upright bikes
This sort of exercise bike is composed more like your conventional bikes, just they don't move like one. Most circumstances, the seating, and the accelerating framework will resemble that of a normal bike.
You have the alternative of riding one standing upright. In the event that you appreciate customary outside bicycling, this sort would surely fit your style and way of life.
Indoor cycles
The exercise bicycles that you find in a gym are all mostly indoor cycles. They have numerous similarities to the upright bicycles with slight contrasts in the mechanical framework. There are a lot of models you can choose from but you get the most serious workout from this kind of exercise bikes.
Discover more with ShopClues
While we all agree there are different types of exercise bikes, at ShopClues we have everything under one roof. We make shopping a convenient and a fulfilling experience for you.
Give the best type of exercise bike to your body and choose the best among the rest. While you're looking for exercise bikes, you might not want to miss out on our other collections of manual treadmills, fitness bands and fitness bags.

A wide range of brands from KS Healthcare, Czar, Body Gym, Deemark, Kobo for your diverse needs. The affordable prices ranges starting from as low as gives multiple options. Keep surfing through this amazing ocean of over 206 products. This Top 5 list has all the best products like ASP Healthcare Digital Fitness Pro Exercise Bike, Exercise Cycle Bike & Dual Action for Toning Arms & Legs, Deemark Air Bike Stamina With Back Support Hot shapar-L as freebie, Protoner Exercise Cycle With Cooling Fan Wheel, Exercise Bike With Cooling Fan Wheel and others at one place.

List of Best Selling Exercise Bikes price

Latest Exercise Bikes Price
Body Gym Air Bike Exercise With Back Support Rs. 6442
UB PHYSIO SOLUTIONS Black Physio therapy Ped O Cycle Rs. 2499
Total Dual Exercise Cycle / Bike Trainer For Arms And Legs Rs. 3599
Deemark Exercise Bike Bgc 209 With Pushup bar Combo Pack Rs. 6049
Kobo Pedal Exercise Bike (White) Rs. 1399
Deemark Exercise Bike Bgc 209 Rs. 5969
HBN X Bike Delux Stationary Exercise Machine Rs. 12999
Deemark Air Bike Platinum Dx With Twister Hot shapar-L as freebie Rs. 7949
Combo Of Lifeline Manual Treadmill +Lifeline Manual Static Cycle Lcd Monitor Rs. 13866

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