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Buy Masks Online and Ensure Your Safety

Using a face mask is the best way to prevent allergies and keep a check on the spread of diseases. Germs, dust, pollution, virus... many such things can affect your health by playing with your respiratory system. And these diseases might vary from mild to severe. But with small precautions and regular use of masks, you can safeguard yourself.

Generally, people consider wearing masks only in specific situations like illness (flu, cough, etc.), allergy or other such issues. But the need is to understand you are acting late. Though you are preventing the spread of disease or trying to save yourself from further damage, the initial loss has already occurred. Now, it is time to be proactive and take precautionary measures. Because corrective measures can cost you high!

Adopting healthy habits is the new trend. So, start using face masks. There is a wide range available at Shopclues for you to choose the suitable one. Keep reading to know more.

Multi-Purpose Masks for Face

While searching for the mask, you will see many variants. They not only differ in colour, style, price and pattern. Masks differ in usability, which is the most crucial factor. Right from disposable to reusable (includes both washable and non-washable) and limit-use masks, options are many. And before buying, you must decide the purpose of using a mask. Moreover, you should also look for the instructions on the package as reusable masks also have a life span. And after a certain point, they don't serve the purpose.

Like surgical masks are intended mainly for surgeons but can be used otherwise too. Surgical masks are disposable, of which the most popular variant is 3 PLY surgical mask. It prevents the wearer from droplets, sprays and splashes that might contain germs and viruses. However, it is not effective in controlling very tiny particles. Also, its fitting makes it less reliable for complete control. 

For general purpose use, using a printed face mask or coloured protection mask. Anyways, we provide you with specific-purpose masks too that not only help you in dealing with the issue effectively but allow comfortable breathing as well. For example - Anti-Pollution and Anti-Dust Mask. Such masks come with filters to ensure good results along with ease.

While buying masks look for the fabric, design and filter media as you can use some masks across seasons while others not. Besides, check for fitting too that can be loose, tight or adjustable as this can also affect the results

High Technology Making Breathing Safer and Easier

Technology plays a notable role when it comes to respiratory masks and anti-pollution masks. Because that only makes it what it is! Attached respirator and exhalation valve allow easy flow of oxygen, advanced filters fight with 0.3 microns even (toughest to deal with) and adjustable clips for proper fitting. Further, you can check for certification too.

Buy Masks Online at Shopclues

Now, you know about the face mask you should be using! Order the mask at Shopclues now and ensure the better health of your respiratory system.

List of Best Selling Masks price

Latest Masks Price
Healthgenie FM 101 Premium Quality Washable Reusable Double Layered Cloth Face Mask - White (Pack of 6) Rs. 1254
Healthgenie Reusable Face Mask FM 101 Pack of 6 For Men Assorted Colour Rs. 1254
Healthgenie FM 101 Premium Quality Washable Reusable Double Layered Cloth Face Mask - White (Pack of 3) Rs. 629
Healthgenie Reusable Face Mask FM 101 Pack of 3 For Men Assorted Colour Rs. 629
3 Ply Disposable Mask Surgical masks set of 2 Rs. 129
Pack of 10 Disposable Medical Mask- Flumask Rs. 179
Pack of 10 Medical Mask- Flumask Rs. 199
Surgical Face Mask 10 Pc (Elastic Band) - Flumask Rs. 99
Tanishka Exports V-410-V Imported Surgical Mask, Safety Mask with Valve Pack of 1 Rs. 399
Yash HR 3 Ply Medical Surgical Dust Face Mask Ear Loop (Pack of 10 - Flumask) Rs. 99


Data last updated on 05/07/2020

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