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Buy Air Coolers Online From Shopclues

As the temperature rises, so does the irritation. The scorching sun outside and unbearable heat inside the house, both tend to make you feel exhausted and take away the freshness. And it becomes intolerable when temperatures rise beyond 35°C. But in summers Indians face temperatures even beyond 45°C, that’s enough to prepare a meal using low-temperature cooking. And in such temperatures, it becomes essential to have something that can help you relax and let you live inside your house and offices, by making the temperature cool. And the most cost-effective method is installing an air cooler as they are budget-friendly and have lower or even no maintenance. Also, they won't give you a shock by a manifold increase in the electricity bill. 

Know everything before buying

Unlike the old days, now you have a lot more options when it comes to the size, capacity and other features. All the manufactures now have multiple models, and this makes things confusing. Therefore, you need to have a few things in mind before buying air coolers.

  1. Size & Shape: You should know the exact size of the place where you need to place the cooler. Additionally, you need to have an idea about the area you expect to be cooled. Accordingly, you can have desert coolers, room coolers, tower coolers and now can have personal coolers too. If you need powerful cooling and have a small space, opt for tower air coolers as they are best suited for such conditions.

  2. Storage Capacity: As air coolers utilize evaporation technology, they need to have continued water supply on the pads for cooling air. With the increase in temperature, air coolers will need to have more water to operate. Thus, you need to know the required capacity of the water tank you expect in the air cooler. You need to decide this based on running hours and temperature.

  3. Features: These days, you can get features in air coolers that were previously specific to air conditioners, something like remote-controlled operation and automated swing control. Besides such advanced functionalities, always ensure you check following functionalities 

  • Type of pads used - HoneyComb or Aspen Wood Wool 

  • Water Refill options - Spout(A Small Pocket), Float Valve or Lid at the Top.

  • Ease of Movement & Placement - Availability of castors (wheels) and stand.

And some others like energy efficiency and speed options, low-water-level indicator, etc.

Search & Buy Online With Shopclues

Shopclues is the easiest way to buy air coolers online. You can search, use our filters and find the best air cooler in India. At Shopclues, you will find multiple models from brands like Symphony, Maharaja Whiteline, Kenstar, Bajaj, Orient, Clarion and others. With us, you have an option to choose from a range of air coolers that includes everything, right from small portable desktop USB operated coolers to air coolers having the water-bearing capacity of 65 litres and above. Besides, if you are in a more humid region, you can buy a dehumidifier as well. Shop for coolers or check our other categories like Fans and Air Conditioners.

A wide range of brands from I KALL, Bajaj, Bharat Shopping Hub, VILO INC, Clarion for your diverse needs. The extensive price range of Above 5000, 1001 - 2500, 2501 - 5000, 251 - 500 is made to accommodate your budgets. A plethora of needs catered by extensive product lines comprisings of 25 products. Top 5 list of Mini Small Fan Cooler Cooling Portable Desktop Dual Bladeless Air Cooler USB, Mini Small Fan Cooler Cooling Portable Desktop Dual Bladeless Air Cooler USB, Kunstocom Desert 50 Ltr Air Cooler Kunstocool Lx, Brand New Mini Portable Evaporative Air Cooler with Remote Control for small rooms, shops, hospitals....., Mini Small Fan Cooler Cooling Portable Desktop Dual Bladeless Air Cooler USB on ShopClues has been specifically created while keeping your most preferred choices in mind.

List of Best Selling Air Coolers price

Latest Air Coolers Price
Mini Small Fan Cooler Cooling Portable Desktop Dual Bladeless Air Cooler USB Rs. 329
Mini Small Fan Cooler Cooling Portable Desktop Dual Bladeless Air Cooler USB Rs. 299
Mini Small Fan Cooler Cooling Portable Desktop Dual Bladeless Air Cooler USB pack of 5 Rs. 2995
Vilo Atlantis Rs. 9999
Galvenized Iron Metallic Air Cooler Rs. 11500
Maharaja Whiteline Thunder Plus White Air Coolers Rs. 7999
Maharaja Whiteline Desert Cooler Coolz + ( Co-106 ) White Air Coolers Rs. 10999
Olimpia Splendid Dehumidifier Silver Black and Aero Blue Seccoprof28 Rs. 70990
Ram Cooler Duct 780H Rs. 23700


Data last updated on 06/06/2020

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