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    Headset (Mic) online

    (6419 products found)
    Zebronics Happy Head White Wired & Wireless Bluetooth Headset
    Zebronics Happy Head White Wired & Wireless Bluetooth Headset
    Terabyte Headphone with mic
    Inkd  Ear Earphones Handsfree Earphone Sony/Samsung/Apple/Htc/Moto With mic
    100  Original 39H00014-00M Mobile Phone Hands Free Earphone Earplug Ear Bud For HTC One S One V One X Google Nexus One 7 Mozart 7 Pro 7 Trophy Bravo ChaCha A810 G16
    Rs. 238
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    EHS44 Samsung Handsfree Headset EarPhone Handsfree For Galaxy S2 Ace S Y Pop Mic & Stereo 1 months seller warranty & Retail invoice
    100 % Genuine Original Nokia HS-23 HS23 HS 23 Stereo Headset Hands Free Ear Phone Ear Plug For Nokia 6810 6610 6610i 7200 7210 7260 7270 7250 7250i 7360 7370 7373 7600 7610 7710 9300 9500 E61 E65 E70 N70 N71 N73 N80 N90 N92 N93 N93i
    100 % Genuine Original Nokia HS-23 HS23 HS 23 Stereo Headset Hands Free Ear Phone Ear Plug For Nokia 3100 3120 3200 3220 3230 5100 5140 5140i 5500 6020 6021 6100 6101 6111 6170 6220 6230 6230i 6233 6260 6270 6280 6630 6670 6680 6681 6800 6820 6822
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    Headphones, from the big, clunky contraptions offering middling sound quality to sleek, edge headsets with mic, have certainly come a long way in this digital age. The conventional ways of ‘listening to music’ is not the only utility people find in headphones. Headsets, essentially electroacoustic transducers, have evolved into something multiple controls and features embedded within, aside from the basic function of providing sound output. Whether you want a PC headset with Mic to make a Skype or wireless headset with mic to enjoy the privacy of your gaming experience on your Playstation, ShopClues is your one-stop online destinations with the class-leading variety and discounts offered on headsets from brands including Sennheiser, Microsoft, iBall, Philips, HP, etc. Don’t let things such as commuting to find the right physical store, standing in a checkout queue, rechecking prices from different stores all beset you. You can now choose from a grand variety of options and avail of the most lucrative discounted prices on ShopClues. Whether you want to choose PC headset with Mic or best wireless headsets with Mic, Shopclues offers you myriad top-of-the-line brands including Logitech, Lenovo, Jabra, Sony Ericsson, iBall, Creative, Dell, Audio Technica, etc. You also get to browse through products on the basis of Merchant rating, Product rating, and the extent of discount (from <20% until >80%). Note that choosing to buy online affords you the privilege to compare features, brands, prices, features, and user reviews in a hassle-free manner; something is not all that possible with making the purchase from a brick and mortar store. Additionally, by choosing to buy from ShopClues, you also benefit from its exclusive offerings such as to jaw-dropping discount rates (up to 80%) as well as services such as Free Shipping and Cash-on-delivery.