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Easy as Pie: Shaving Tools Edition<

Being Clean Shaved has become a Fashion Trend and is Highly Appreciated in the Professional World as well as by the Ladies. Find the Best Shaving Tools only on

Shaving is generally a man’s task, but before the advent of razors, men used to remove facial hair, using two shells to scrape the hair off. Copper razors were invented around 3000 BC and since then the grooming regimen of men has changed drastically.

There are basically two different types of shaving, wet and dry. Wet shaving uses traditional processes and tools like disposable razors and shaving creams. Now again, there are two different types of razor blades used in wet shaving that are manual-straight razors and safety razors. Safety razors further have many versions like double-edged razors, single edge, injector razors, cartridge razors and disposable razors. Since ages, the wet shaving method has been considered as the best option for a clean and smooth shave, as per the men’s choices worldwide.

The dry shaving process includes the use of modern electric hair trimmers which features rotating blades sheathed behind a protective metal screen which ensures that the blades don’t cut into the skin. When the razor end of an electric hair trimmed is pressed against the skin, the hair pokes out of the metal screen and the rotating blades goes to work on them without having to touch the skin at all.

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