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Alternative Health Therapies

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    Achieve the best health therapy with hot water bottle. Suffering from cramps or something painful that’s internal, then it's time to try out these health therapies.

    It’s a known home remedy that a hot water bag can treat most of the internal and external pains that are related to strain. Apart from that, there are many other common uses of a hot water bottle. Here we have listed some of its uses:

    Lessen menstrual cramps: Every month you ladies suffer from menstrual cramps that are actually unbearable and unexplainable too. Pain medications do help in reducing these cramps, but it is always better to take heat therapy as that has no side-effects. Heat provided by a hot water bottle relaxes your uterus and help in alleviating the cramps.

    Relieves back pain: When heat is applied to your back, your pain is eased in the similar fashion like the menstrual cramps are eased. It reduces muscle spasms and reduces cramping.

    Warm the bed: In winters, you can fill the bottle with the hot water and keep it in your bed under your quilt for at least ten minutes before you hit the bed. This way you can stay cosy and warm.

    Water the plants: When the water in the hot water bottle is no longer hot, you can water your plants with this water rather than dumping it.

    Cleanses Colon: The hot water bottle treatment goes a long way in treating body aches and other bodily malfunctions. Your abdomen feels relieved and along with this, your liver and colon get benefited. Just simply lie on the bed with the heat applied to the middle of your stomach and feel the difference.

    Alleviates stomach cramps: Diarrhoea is no fun, and you feel quite uncomfortable. Hot water treatment like a hot water bath or treatment from a hot water bottle will certainly help you get relief from it.

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