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Drums & Percussion

Avail amazing offers on drums and percussion instruments at ShopClues India

Play music like a legend

Music is an important part of most occasions including festivals, marriages, and parties. Music lightens the mood and takes you to a state of ecstasy. It is music that steals the show and creates special moments. Music is also a good way to get the creative juices flowing within you.

Music is all about the creative genius hidden within each one of us, just waiting to be unravelled with passion and sincerity. Music takes you through the novel and the unexpected by touching a chord within you - this is especially evident in movies and theatrics. Music is like an unstoppable adrenaline within many of us. We just feel so upbeat when we play the bongo, guitar, flute or any other legendary musical instrument. Musical instruments play an important role in introducing musical enthusiasts to the world of music.

Drumming is one of those activities which can help you explore varied and diverse musical landscapes. On ShopClues, you can choose from a wide variety of percussion instruments, including acoustic instruments such as the wooden bongo and the drum set, as well as electronic percussive instruments such as the Roland Percussion Controller and electronic drum sets.

Leading Brands

SG Musical is one of the leading producers of musical instruments in India. You will find all categories of musical instruments produced by SG Musical including percussion instruments, string instruments, and Woodwind instruments on ShopClues India. Every product is tested to perfection before it is procured for distribution by ShopClues. You will never have to compromise on quality when you buy a product from ShopClues India. We only offer the premium quality brands.

Impressive Sound Quality

Professional sound quality, rhythm and upbeat acoustics of each product makes ShopClues the number one online shopping destination to buy sound accessories, mouth organ, saxophone and many other unique items such as Veena and Tambourine. Musical passion rises in the form of an unstoppable desire to play an instrument, and this passion is ignited through our performances and our compositions. You may be an established artist, regular listener or an aspiring learner of music - you can shop for many types of musical instruments such as drums and drumsticks, electric guitar, flute, small size music player and home piano music on ShopClues India. You can browse through many types of drum products such as Damru, Tabla, Black Bass drum and Side Drum on drums online shopping and drumstick online shopping category pages of ShopClues India.

Prompt delivery at your doorstep

You can expect to receive a prompt acknowledgement and fast delivery of each order placed with ShopClues India. You can begin to create your own world of music by choosing to learn one of the many musical instruments available on ShopClues India. You can choose from products such as Mridangam, Sampling Percussion Pad and 5 piece ultra-compact electronic drum set which are available exclusively on ShopClues India.

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