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Faqs Unboxed Expert Certified

  • Q. What are Expert Certified Unboxed Products? A. Expert Certified Unboxed Products are as good as new and non-defective products. It simply means that the item was returned to the seller within a month (for reasons such as wrong model dispatched, colour etc.). This item was either opened by the customer who found the wrong product shipped or by the seller to check the contents of the package. This item is as good as new, comes with a 3rd party/seller warranty, original box and accessories.
  • Q: Why should I buy Expert Certified Unboxed Products instead of a New Product?A: Expert Certified Unboxed Products typically carry a 30-50% discount versus the new items. Hence, these products offer value for money. This discount might depend on various factors including brand and/or seller pricing policy & 3rd party/seller warranty conditions.
  • Q. Which all categories are Expert Certified Unboxed Products available for?A: We have launched this category for smartphones, feature phones, computers & laptops currently.
  • Q: How are Expert Certified Unboxed Products different from Brand Certified Unboxed Products?A: Expert Certified Unboxed Products come with a 3rd Party/Seller Warranty (min. 6 months) whereas Brand Certified Unboxed Products carry Brand Warranty (6 months).
  • Q: How are Expert Certified Unboxed Products different from Refurbished products?A: Expert Certified Unboxed Products have been used for less than a month as compared to Refurbished products which have been used for more than a month. Expert Certified Unboxed Products may have minor cosmetic blemishes whereas Refurbished products might have major scratches.
  • Q: How will I know if a product being sold on ShopClues is an Expert Certified Unboxed Product?A: All Expert Certified Unboxed Products will have the badge as on the product page/description.
  • Q: How will I determine the condition of Expert Certified Unboxed Products?A: This information will be seen on the product detail page & product title for the specific Expert Certified Unboxed Products.
  • Q: Will I receive the Expert Certified Unboxed Products without a seal?A: Yes, the products will be without the brand seal since they’re unboxed products.
  • Q: What will be the delivery timelines?A: Delivery for Expert Certified Unboxed Products will be the same as delivery for other products that are fulfilled by ShopClues; subject to delivery location or pin-code.
  • Q: Who are the Experts who certify these unboxed products? A: Experts are establishments who are authorized to certify the quality of unboxed products. They are authorized to do so because they:
    * Have a refurbishment plant setup
    * Employ qualified technicians
  • Q: Is there any warranty on these products?A: All Expert Certified Unboxed Products sold on will carry a minimum of 6 months warranty. This warranty will be offered by 3rd Party/Seller.
  • Q: How do I avail warranty for these products?A: Warranty can be availed by reaching out the seller or the third party. Contact Details are as below:
    Gadgetwood warranty: 011-60012600
    Warrantybazaar warranty: 1800-103-3593
    ZurePro warranty: 080-80443352
    Seller warranty: 0124-4414888 For any more queries, you can reach us at
  • Q: Return Policy?A: Same as new products. Read more
  • Q: What is the return window of such products?A: Return window for Expert Certified Unboxed Products will be same as that of new products i.e. 10 days.
  • Q: Will there be customer support on products purchased? Can I avail the ShopClues customer support services on these products?A: Support for these products is provided by 3rd Party Establishments. You can find their contact details here.
  • Q: What about Expert Certified Unboxed Products in other categories like televisions, laptops etc.? Do you plan to launch sometime soon?A: We have launched smartphones, feature phones, computers & laptops currently. We will keep you updated about further launches.
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