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Buy Breast & Nipple Care Online at low Prices in India

Find Quality Breast and Nipple Care Products at ShopClues India
Your breasts need as much care as your baby
If you're a nursing mother, you understand how difficult it can be to maintain your breasts in the right manner. From unexpected lactation to abrasion and constant soreness, a nursing mother has a lot to deal with when it comes to her breasts. Since they are the sole source of food for the new-born baby, it is absolutely vital that they be cared for properly - not only for the baby's sake, but for that of the mother as well. People generally forget to consider the toll being a mother can take on a woman's body, not just during labour, but even after the child is born. Hence, we at ShopClues India bring you a series of quality breast and nipple care products, in order to ensure that your time with your baby is magical, and does not cause you any pain. Our breast pads, nipple shields and nipple protectors help make things much easier for you, so you can focus solely on your bundle of joy.
Only the best breast and nipple care products for you
Breasts are a delicate organ, especially if you're nursing. It is thus important to ensure the use of products of the highest quality for them, so that neither you nor your baby are in any potential danger of irritation or inflammation of any kind, or even allergy. A number of products in the market today are not medically tested or approved, and this causes a great deal of pain for parents and babies alike, in case they buy and use an unhygienic or allergy-inducing form of the product. This is especially the case for nipple shields and nipple protectors, as they are used while breastfeeding.
As a leading online shopping site in India, ShopClues India offers the best possible quality in breast pads and other breast and nipple care products. Our association with brands like Farlin and Avent ensure not only excellence in quality, but also consistent affordability, and our input is the ease and convenience with which we deliver the products to you. We can't say you won't need to lift a finger, but we can certainly say that all you need to do is lift a finger, tap and swipe, and the rest will be our responsibility.
Feel better, nurse better
With a new mother's body undergoing so many changes in a short span of time, it is natural for you to feel increasingly sore and in pain, especially in the area of your breasts. Our attempt is to reduce your levels of stress and discomfort, by providing excellent nipple shields and nipple protectors for your tender parts to stay comfortably secure. On the other hand, our breast pads absorb unexpected lactation in a quick and effective manner, so you are not worried about uneasiness or embarrassment, especially in public situations.
More for you and your baby - look around
With the responsibility of a baby, it must be difficult for you to figure out everything you need, and where to buy it all. Well, we make it easy for you. Take a look at our range of kids' booties for your baby, and maternity accessories for you. You might just find something you really need.

A variety of brands from like Gochikko, Kudos Enterprise etc. to suit a wide range of preferences. 501 - 1000, 251 - 500 price range that is tailored to be as affordable as possible. Keep surfing through this amazing ocean of over 8 products. The Top 5 list on ShopClues featuring Mammas Nipple Balm-For nursing Moms-25 gms, Baby Feeding Bottles, Feeding Bottles, Farlin Nipple Shield- BF 631A, Earth Mama Angel Baby Nursing Kit will make it easier for you to make your purchase decision.

List of Best Selling Breast & Nipple Care price

Latest Breast & Nipple Care Price
K Kudos Waterproof Silicone Colorful Baby Bibs(pack of 1) ₹299
GOCHIKKO Cotton Nursing Cover Feeding Shawl for Women Mothers(Red Blue Flower ₹515
GOCHIKKO Cotton Nursing Cover Feeding Shawl for Women Mothers (Maroon Carnations) ₹515
GOCHIKKO Cotton Nursing Cover Feeding Shawl for Women Mothers (Little Girl) ₹515
Flipon Nurshing Pillow The Action of Feeding a Baby With Milk From the Mother 5 Different Uses 9 Month warrenty ₹899
Flipon Nurshing Pillow With Belt The Action of Feeding a Baby With Milk From the Mother 5 Different Uses 9 Month wa ₹999
Flipon Nurshing Pillow With Belt The Action of Feeding a Baby With Milk From the Mother 5 Different Uses 9 Month wa ₹999


Data last updated on 27/03/2023

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