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Pastas & Noodles

Buy Pastas & Noodles Online at low Prices in India

Pasta and noodles are rich in nutrition that provides with a sustainable source of energy. At ShopClues, you will find a wide assortment of such products.

After a long working afternoon, it’s very refreshing to have snacks just to keep us going. And, it certainly doesn’t hurt either, if it can be cooked instantly, tastes good, and is a sustainable source of energy. Thanks to pasta and noodles that helps us in these tight situations, we have something to munch on whenever we get those hunger pangs. With a great taste and easy availability, they also possess some very important nutrients to help boost our immune system. And keeping that in mind, ShopClues present a wide range of pasta and noodles online.

Pasta contains carbohydrates that provide instant glucose to brain and muscles resulting in the sustainable source of energy for a long term. It is tasty as well as healthy when cooked with proper pasta masala powder, vegetables, and healthy oils. Adding veggies increases the nutrient value to such a level that they are even advised to athletes before their race or events. Due to their low calories and high nutrient content, they are even also suggested for weight loss. There are many national and international brands available at ShopClues, such as Aria, Patanjali, Maltagliati, Dolce, Namjai, and now you can buy the Penne pasta online in India through ShopClues.

Same as pasta, noodles are also very rich in sustainable energy and have high nutrient value in protein, fibre, zinc and iron. They serve in weight loss diet because of low calories and fill up the stomach instantly. Including them in our diet increases the zinc and iron levels, resulting into a better immune system and faster production of red blood cells. There are many ways of preparing noodles as per our taste and health priorities. Mixing them with soy sauce or tomato sauce takes your taste buds on a joy ride, and if you want to give it an Italian touch, meatballs can also be added.

Due to the high demand and benefits of noodles in our daily life, Patanjali has also entered the market. Their noodles are easily available at ShopClues. You can buy Patanjali noodles through online shopping from ShopClues.

Experience customizability with the help of a wide range of brands to choose from like NutraHi, Patanjali, Eat Water, Bamee, Other Manufacturer etc. Find the one that fits your wallet, from anywhere between Rs. 300 - Rs. 499, Rs. 500 - Rs. 999, Rs. 99 and Below, Rs. 200 - Rs. 299, Rs. 100 - Rs. 149 rupees. A plethora of needs catered by extensive product lines comprisings of 73 products. Top 5 list of Patanjali Masala Oats 40gms, Patanjali Oats 500gm, Patanjali Atta Noodles Classic -Family Pack 240gms, Patanjali Atta Noodles Chatpataa -Family Pack 240gms, Patanjali Tomato Oats 40gms on ShopClues has been specifically created while keeping your most preferred choices in mind.

List of Best Selling Pastas & Noodles price

Latest Pastas & Noodles Price
Patanjali Atta Noodles Classic -Family Pack 240gms Rs. 38
Patanjali Masala Oats 40gms Rs. 15
Patanjali Atta Noodles Chatpataa -Family Pack 240gms Rs. 38
Ryca Artisanal Pasta Premium Quality- Penne, 500 Gram, Rich in Fibre, Imported. Rs. 190
Patanjali Tomato Oats 40gms Rs. 15
Patanjali Tomato Oats 200gms Rs. 59
Ryca Artisanal Pasta Premium Quality - Fusilli, 500 Grams,Rich in Fibre, Imported. Rs. 195
Ryca Artisanal Pasta Premium Quality - Conchiglie, 500 Grams, Rich in Fibre, Imported. Rs. 195
Patanjali Masala Oats 200gms Rs. 59
Patanjali Oats 200gm Rs. 38


Data last updated on 20/10/2019

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