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Supplies For Fish

Buy Supplies for Fish Online at low Prices in India

Get fish food and supplies online, only on ShopClues!

Get fish and other aquatic supplies at great prices!

Each and every form of aquatic life is unique. Fishes are the most commonly seen forms of aquatic life by people, especially in aquariums. But these beautiful species come with their own sets of rules and requirements. Firstly, the aquarium in which the fishes are kept, needs to have a working air filter at all times so as to pump oxygen into the water, which is essential for their survival. Next, their diet needs to be as per their requirements.

These days fish supplies are available in abundance, making it difficult to make a decision on what is right for the fishes and what is not. Well, in terms of dietary items, it depends on greatly on fish to fish, their breed and age being the main factor.

Dry foods are one of the most common forms of fish food available. Granules, flakes, and even pellets; all these kinds of dry foods are available that contain a variety of nutrients and minerals. Frozen foods are also available in a wide variety. But they are mostly cubed and have to be dissolved and strained before being added to the aquarium. Greens feature a mixture of healthy food items like spinach and cucumber and even salads and are quite nutritious in nature. For few special fish species, especially carnivorous fishes, live food is also available.

For most types of fishes, pet stores are known to stock on food, toys, and even ornaments that you can use to decorate the fish tank.

Buy supplies for fish and other aquatic animals online. You can even order other pet supplies like aquatic toys and even fish food as online shopping helps you in saving time and money. With genuine products and quick order and delivery services, shopping with ShopClues, will get you many discounts, thus allowing you to save a lot. Just log on to ShopClues now! Happy Shopping!

A variety of brands from like Taiyo, Other Manufacturer, DS, Ds creations, Venus Aqua etc. to suit a wide range of preferences. Find the one that fits your wallet, from anywhere between 251 - 500, Under 250, 501 - 1000, 1001 - 2500, Above 5000 rupees. A plethora of needs catered by extensive product lines comprisings of 578 products. For those who lack the patience to go through the complete product range can check the Top 5 list of VENUSAQUA AP-208 Aquarium Air pump / Motor 1way + 1 mtr air tupe + 1 Air Stone, Optimum CP 100g Gold Fish Food, Aquarium New Artificial / Plastic Plant for Decoration - 4 Size -10 Pieces, Taiyo Fish Food Pouch Aquarium 4 X 100g, Aquarium Top Cover Tiles Red Color (20 pieces) and lots more.

List of Best Selling Supplies for Fish price

Latest Supplies for Fish Price
Yaathumaagi - Ap208 - Aquarium Air Pump / Motor 1Way + 1 Mtr Air Tube + 1 Air Stone ₹250
COLOURFUL AQUARIUM Aquarium Air pump / Motor 1way + 1 mtr air tupe +1 Air Stone #SS108/AP208/RS180 ₹229
VENY'S Triple Betta tank Triple Divider Rectangle Aquarium Tank (2 L) ₹961
Aquarium Top Cover Tiles Red Color (20 pieces) ₹159
Sobo SB-548A Aquarium Air Pump, 3 Watts ₹351
Resun Aquarium Electro Magnetic Air Pump/ Air Blower / Aco - 001 ₹1991
VENY'S Betta House Double Betta Tank (1 L) ₹631
Optimum 1 kg Dry Fish Food ₹561
Venus Aqua U6602 Power Head (20W) Water Aquarium Pump (115 cm) ₹471
Taiyo Turtle Food 500G ₹400


Data last updated on 07/05/2021

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