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School Supplies

Buy School Supplies Online on

Back to school products!

As a student, stationery is one of the most important requirements, for it aids them in their studies by providing a medium for recording what they have learned in the form of written material on a paper. Pen and paper are considered the most common and basic requirements for any student.

But beyond that, there are many other things that are slowly gaining importance in student’s lives. This trend started with the introduction of designer pens that, instead of pen being in a basic plastic body, had designer labels on them, making them look more attractive to the students. Soon after the introduction of labels, different colours were available in the pen inks instead of the traditional blue, red and black.

Geometry boxwas also something that, once not given any importance, was now a subject of much appreciation among the students, with new designs and patterns on the geometry case making them more attracting and pleasing to the eye. This sparked off another trend which saw an unexpected surge in geometry box sales, forcing the companies to take out more and more geometries with patterns and designs.  

Hot weather always meant hot water that, after sitting in the bottle for the entire day, became warm. But this problem was solved with the introduction of insulated water bottles. These bottles contained a lining inside them that helped in preserving the chill of the water, making sure that the water would not heat up entirely during the day. Insulated materials that are used in bottles have become advanced, leading the water to stay cold for longer durations. 

Buy the best quality school supplies, online shopping or through the app, from the comfort of your home, without hassle. With quality products and quick order and delivery services, shopping on ShopClues gives you value for your money along with heavy discounts. Start shopping today!

A diverse range of brands to select from, like GI Retails, Others, Djuize, 6th Dimensions, Toys Factory. 251 - 500, 501 - 1000, Under 250, 1001 - 2500, 2501 - 5000 price range that is tailored to be as affordable as possible. A plethora of needs catered by extensive product lines comprisings of 1,566 products. The Top 5 list on ShopClues featuring Premium CT-512 Electronic Calculator (12 Digits), Pencil Box Set Of 4, 100 Pc Colorful Erasers, Set of 10 Mechanical Pencil, Bunch of 100 Pencils will make it easier for you to make your purchase decision.

List of Best Selling School Supplies price

Latest School Supplies Price
Chirping birdies - Spring baby diaper bag Rs. 1300
Faber-Castell Graphite 1 Each (2B, 3B, 4B, 5B, 6B, 8B) Pencil (Pack Of 6) Rs. 45
Geometry Box Rs. 100
Steel scale 12 Inch Rs. 25
ASU Designer Wooden Pencil Box Containing 12 Different Crayon Colour Pencils, Scale Standard (Wooden) Rs. 169
ASU Cartoon Design Pencil Box with Calculator for Kids, Multicolored, Pencil Boxes Rs. 249
Nataraj Pencil Pack of 10 Rs. 30
Apsara Sharpener Pack of 10 Rs. 50
REGAL ALL New Design Fruit shaped Pencil Sharpeners (Set of 5) Rs. 148
Modishombre One Piece Cute Unicorn Water Glitter Pouch For Stationary And Makeup Accessories Girls. Rs. 499


Data last updated on 09/07/2020

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