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Second Hand Phone

Why Second-Hand Phones Are a Smart Choice?

We all live in a world where technology has dominated every sector, and the impact is so overpowering that even our livelihood depends on it. Smartphones are a big example of this domination. However, due to its rapid pace of innovation, constant updates and demand, smartphones have become pricier. This is where second-hand mobiles, have made their way to be the budget-friendly choice for customers.

You can get your hands on the latest second-hand phones, that have had a minimal use. Resellers like ShopClues offer a wide range of these smartphones in different brands, that too in the best condition with a warranty.

Check out the following reasons why opting for a used phone is a wise choice:

1. Affordability: We all know that new phones of a good brand come with a big price tag and no doubt the value of devices depreciates over time, but it saves a lot of money. One of the biggest reasons why people consider second-hand gadgets over new ones is because of their affordability.

2. Environment-Friendly: Opting for second-hand smartphones is a smart choice as it helps reduce electronic waste, minimising the production of new ones. By reusing and recycling these gadgets, we all can contribute to a better environment for future generations as well.

3. Wide Variety: When a brand launches phones, they go for limited models. But it’s not the same in the case of second-hand phones as you can get a huge variety of these in different brands as per your choice. ShopClues is one of the trusted sellers of these gadgets, where customers can shop second-hand branded phones at best deals.

With the above reasons we can totally say that old phones are a smarter choice. However, customers must also do their research while purchasing one. Following are some of the things you should verify when buying a second-hand gadget:

1. Take a close look at the phone as there might be chances of cracks or dents and if it is not in a good condition then it might not be worth it.

2. Ask for a warranty on the gadget, even second-hand phones do have a manufacturer’s warranty, and this will give protection to your phone in case it breaks. With the good deals, ShopClues offers a warranty on its used gadgets to customers.

3. Before purchasing, do some research on whether you’re getting the phone at a reasonable price. Check deals from different resellers and then make final decisions.

4. Make sure to check the battery health of the phone, as it is a possibility that it is not in good condition. Also, look out for the storage and RAM of it.

5. Check out the software of the second-hand mobile and if it is of the latest version as if it isn’t then there are chances that some applications might not work on that software.


In today’s tech world, the urge to own the latest smartphone is understandable, but second-hand phones offer a smart choice for someone who’s looking for a branded mobile with the latest updates and on a budget. By purchasing a used device, you’re not only saving money but also looking out for the environment for present and future generations.

ShopClues offers a wide range of phones from big brands with warranties and accessories as well. Check out your favourite model at the best deal right now!

List of Best Selling Second Hand Phone price

Latest Second Hand Phone Price
Second Hand (Refurbished) APPLE iPhone 6, 64 GB - Superb Condition, Like New ₹7999
Second Hand (Refurbished) Nokia 1600 (Single SIM, 1.4 Inch Display, Black) - Superb Condition, Like New ₹1219
Second Hand (Refurbished) Vivo Y67 (Gold, 6GB RAM, 128GB Storage) - Superb Condition, Like New ₹5999
Second Hand (Refurbished) Nokia 2220 (Single Sim, 1.8 inches Display) -  Superb Condition, Like New ₹1609
Second Hand (Refurbished) OPPO A33 (3 GB RAM, 32 GB Storage) - Superb Condition, Like New ₹3999
Second Hand (Refurbished) Nokia 1110i (Single Sim, 1.2 inches Display, Assorted Color) - Superb Condition, Like New ₹999
Second Hand (Refurbished) Vivo Y85 (6 GB RAM, 128 GB Storage) - Superb Condition, Like New ₹6999
Second Hand (Refurbished) Nokia X2-01 (Single SIM, 2.4 Inch Display, Red) - Superb Condition, Like New ₹2049
Second Hand (Refurbished) APPLE iPhone 7 Plus (128 GB) - Superb Condition, Like New ₹14999
Second Hand (Refurbished) Vivo Y95 (6GB RAM, 128GB Storage) - Superb Condition, Like New ₹18990


Data last updated on 13/04/2024
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