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Sports Bra For Women

Buy Sports Bra for Women Online at low Prices in India

Sports Bra: An essential in every woman's gym bag

A good sports bra is should be an essential part of a woman's gym bag. Many women tend to neglect the importance of a sports bra and end up either with injuries or do not get maximum results from their grueling gym or fitness routine.

Provides support

Primary function of a sports bra is to provide support to the bust and prevent tissue breakage during the heavy-duty workouts. A women's sports bra is constructed differently from other types of bra and is specialized to provide maximum comfort and strength along with preventing any pain in the bust area. The wider straps of a women sports bra make it more conducive for exercise as the straps don't jut in the skin like conventional straps.

Especially important for Indian women

The physicality and body type is much different than their western counterparts. Which makes it all the more necessary for Indian women to always wear sports bra while exercising and playing sports.

Much variety

Women's Sports bra is not generic. It comes in various styles, material and seams. All this makes a sports bra a highly specialized garment. Almost as important as any other piece of gym equipment.

Padded vs non-padded

Essentially a sports bra can be divided in two varieties -the padded and the non-padded. The padded one is more suitable for women who are more into cardio. That is, exercises that make the heart work more, eg running, skipping, spinning, aerobics and the like. The reason for this is that during cardio workout there is a major movement of chest and breasts need more support.

If your workout regime has an even mix of cardio and non-cardio then you can opt for non-padded sports bra.

Racer back vs the U-back

A racer back is more suited for women whose workout comprises of lot of stretching exercises. It helps in the seamless muscle movement.


Sports bras are usually made with a mix of Polyester, lycra and cotton. The stretch fabric of a women's sports bra prevents skin abrasion and rashes. The fabric is quick dry and prevents the bra from getting wet due to sweating.

Bright and attractive colours and designs

Just because it is a sports bra, it doesn't need to be boring and dull. The sports bras of today give the modern women a rich selection of colours and designs to choose from. These bras don't make exercise to be a chore but elevate it to an opportunity to look and feel good.

Shopclues presents an unparalleled range of sports bra to choose from. Shopping online for sports bra is fun, easy and fast. Wait, there are also bind blowing deals and discounts to avail.

A variety of brands from like Hothy, ChileeLife, Other, EMPISTO, Greenbee etc. to suit a wide range of preferences. A price range starting from 251 - 500, 1001 - 2500, 501 - 1000, Under 250 that integrates budget as well as quality specifications. A plethora of needs catered by extensive product lines comprisings of 604 products. This Top 5 list has all the best products like Indirocks Solid Plain Cotton Lycra Combo Pack of 3 Ladies Air Bra White, Black ,Beige, Combo Pack of 3 Ladies Air Bra Slim Lift Sports Bra White, Black Skin Color, Hothy Multicolor Plain 100% Cotton Non-Padded Sports Bra (Pack Of 3), Royal Racerback Stylish Sports Bra (Coral,Beige,Navy), Modern Women's Black Tube Bra and others at one place.

List of Best Selling Sports Bra for Women price

Latest Sports Bra for Women Price
Modern Girl's Blue Front Open Padded Bra (Removel Pads) ₹490
Royal Racerback Stylish Sports Bra (Coral,Beige,Navy) ₹349
Hothy Girl's Beige Maroon & Blue T-Shirt Bra (Pack of 3) ₹406
Hothy Women's Non-Padded Sports Bra (Cyan,Maroon Green Pack Of 3) ₹406
Chileelife Non-Padded Sports Bra Combo (Black, Beige, Blue, Blue, Red, Pack Of 5) ₹544
Chileelife Non-Padded Sports Bra Combo (Black, Beige, Blue, Blue, Pink, Pack Of 5) ₹544
White Nyl N-Padded Sports (Pa Of 3) ₹459
Empisto Branded Blue, Black Color Cotton Fabric Sport Bra ₹250
Chileelife Non-Padded Sports Bra Combo (Black, Beige, Blue, Grey, Pack Of 4) ₹449
Chileelife Non-Padded Sports Bra Combo (Black, Beige, Blue, Pack Of 3) ₹406


Data last updated on 28/05/2023

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