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Mouth Freshners & Digestives

Shop for Mouth Freshners & Digestives at Shopclues

Mouth Freshener or like we say in India "Mukhwas", is a hit in Indian households. They are appreciated for their flavour & health benefits as well as for the freshness they provide. Similarly, digestives have built a stable place in many of the Indian houses. Due to our changing lifestyles, there is an increase in indigestion related problems. And mukhwas together with digestives can prove to be of tremendous help. Mukhwas & digestives are just titles and can't explain the depth of products available under them. If you like, you can explore our section, at Shopclues, dedicated to mouth fresheners and digestives. There you will find assorted varieties of products available for purchase.

Availability Of The Uncountable Variances

The available range of mouth fresheners and digestives is so diverse that we can't even list them all. Therefore, let's look at some of the popular options available at Shopclues for them. 

A) Sweet Supari: These are betel nuts dipped in sugar syrup. They come in chips, lachha and diced forms. Upon exploring you will also find roasted as well flavoured supari.  You can eat them separately or with betel leaf.

B) Seeds: There are many seeds that people use as a mouth freshener as well as digestives. Seeds have many health benefits and are good for your gut and other body organs. Prominently, fennel seeds, dhana dal, white sesame seeds, flax seeds and carom seeds (ajwain) are consumed from the perspective of health benefits. Some love to eat fennel seeds along with rock sugar (mishri) to combine taste and health benefits of both. Also, sugar-coated fennel seed remains a popular choice of many. 

C) Mixed: There are various mukhwas mixes available. They tend to combine benefits and flavours, well. In this, you will find various ingredients like saunf, sugar-coated saunf, dhana dal, tutti-frutti and more mixed together, that make it the most popular mukhwas in India.

D) Goli or Balls: Golis are the go-to option for the digestion boosting needs. They are balls made up of ingredients known for improving digestion and body functions. Hing Goli, anardana, pudina balls and imli goli are some of the most preferred products. All these aids the digestive system and make the stomach feel light.

E) Candy: Various candies are available at Shopclues, of them some are digestives while some serve as mouth fresheners. People often look for orange candy, coconut candy and amla candy in our store.

Additionally, gulkand, different sorts of churan, harde goli and meetha pan remain amongst the top pics of buyers.

Explore & Buy The Most beneficial Products with Shopclues

There are so many other products available at Shopclues to keep you refreshed and prevent the foul smell from mouth. Plus, you can buy products that have been used to keep the stomach in good shape from ancient times, including healthy juices. Gujrati Mukhwas is famous for its quality and Shopclues offers you to buy a comprehensive range of Gujarati mukhwas online. Shop for mouth fresheners and digestives now!

A wide range of brands from Surbhi, Arvind, Britannia, Center, NA for your diverse needs. A price range starting from Rs. 200 - Rs. 299, Rs. 300 - Rs. 499, Rs. 150 - Rs. 199, Rs. 100 - Rs. 149, Rs. 99 and Below that integrates budget as well as quality specifications. The product line of more than 131 products that sums up all your requirements, needs, preferences and desires. For those who lack the patience to go through the complete product range can check the Top 5 list of Satmola Digestive Mix 100 gms. Pack of 6, Satmola Mouth freshners 100 gms. Pack of 6, Patanjali Pachak Anardana 100 GM, Surbhi Orange toffee -200 gram, Surbhi Pelu supari- 200 gram and lots more.

List of Best Selling Mouth Freshners & Digestives price

Latest Mouth Freshners & Digestives Price
A:T Candy Bad Breath Candy Etiquette Candies and Mouth Fresheners, 20gm ₹259
Surbhi Pelu supari- 200 gram ₹350
Surbhi Vefers supari -200 gram ₹350
Chulbuli imli ₹275
Best Quality Jaipuri Mukhwas Mouth Freshener Great Taste - 100 Grams !!! ₹129
Surbhi Medium saunf -200 gram ₹180
100 GM Pudina Vati / Mint Goli For Cure of indigestion, loss of appetite ₹169
Surbhi Flight imli goli -200 gram ₹230
Surbhi Yummy Delicious kachha falsa goli ( berries) hygienic tin can 100g ( pack of 3) ₹300
Surbhi Orange toffee -200 gram ₹200


Data last updated on 17/05/2021

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