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Socks For Men


It takes a lot to find a good pair of socks for men in the morning, especially when you are getting late. It’s surprising that socks helps in making that first impression. They tell a lot about someone’s personality. Like, bold colour men’s socks tells that the person is stylish and patterned socks represents he/she is having a fun and quirky personality.

ShopClues has a wide range of socks for men in different brands like, Adidas socks, Nike socks, DDH, Alfa & more. Do check out some amazing combos at best deals.

The benefits of wearing socks:

Investing in the good quality of socks keeps your feet happy and healthy. It helps in avoiding various conditions like Athlete’s foot, ringworms and more.

  1. Prevents Odour: The last thing someone would want is to let their feet smell. Believe it or not, socks helps in keeping the feet dry and avoids bad smell. Moisture building can damage your shoes as well. Wearing cotton socks for men can help your feet breathe and absorbs the moisture.
  2. Keep Your Feet Warm: Socks are one of the most important piece of clothing, especially during winters. They help in keeping your feet warm whole day long. In winters people do prefer woollen socks and they are the ones that make your feet comfortable and healthy.
  3. Personality Development: While health is important, but one needs to maintain a personality to stay healthy mentally. When you wear comfortable and neat socks, it helps in avoiding that awkwardness in front of others and don’t forget “First impression is the last impression”. If you are someone who is introvert but wants to express then wear some crazy socks to attract the attention.
  4. Avoids Feet Injuries: Try going for a long walk without socks and you’ll understand the importance. Socks helps in comforting the feet and prevents injuries as well, especially extra cushioned ones.

Here’s your guide to different types of socks for men:

  1. Men’s Ankle Socks: These are the most preferred type of short socks for men. As one can wear them with floaters, sneakers, sports shoes or sometimes for corporates. Most of the sports socks for men are ankle length to keep them more comfortable. Nowadays, ankle socks with quirky patterns and colours are famous among the youth as these are a perfect example of showing a fun and amazing personality.
  2. Loafer Socks For Men: If you want to wear socks, but don’t want to show them then these are the perfect ones. People generally refer to them as loafer socks and the colour that is most preferred is black socks. People often get shoe bites and to prevent that these socks are the best.
  3. Sports Socks For Men: If you love to travel or go for a hike trip or playing sports, then these socks for men are the best. These have an extra support and more comfortable. Also, the fabric is as per the usage, i.e. cotton. These socks look cool with sneakers or shoes.
  4. Dress Socks: The long socks for men are most commonly preferred for formal events. The length is up to the calf as it’s worn mostly with tuxedos. Go with black socks as they go with everything and are more formal looking.

How much socks are too much? Now you know the benefits and some basic types of socks for men. So check out some good quality of branded socks at unbelievable prices only on ShopClues.

A diverse range of brands to select from, like Bonjour, Adam, Concepts, Aadikart, Others. Rs. 200 - Rs. 399, Rs. 400 - Rs. 599, Rs. 199 and Below, Rs. 600 and Above price range that is tailored to be as affordable as possible. Keep surfing through this amazing ocean of over 1,257 products. This Top 5 list has all the best products like Pack of 5 Sparkle Men Multicolor Cotton Ankle Socks, Ddh Ankle Socks Set Of 5 Pairs, Adidas Unisex Ankle Socks - 3 Pairs, Adam Jones Sports Unisex Ankle Length Cotton Socks Pack of 3 Pairs (Assorted Color), 100% Cotton Summer socks(Set of 6 )- Sweat & Smell Proof and others at one place.

List of Best Selling Socks For Men price

Latest Socks For Men Price
3 Pair Sport Lifestyle Top Quality Unisex Ankle Socks ₹159
Ddh Ankle Socks Set Of 5 Pairs ₹219
Branded Men Ankle Length Socks (pair of 9 ) ₹279
Adidas Unisex Ankle Socks - 3 Pairs ₹179
love4ride Men Multicolour Cotton Loafer Socks Pack Of 12 ₹399
Branded Men Ankle Length Socks (pair of 6 ) ₹289
Branded Multicolour Cotton Formal Ankle Length Socks - Pair Of 3 ₹219
Pack of 24 Multicolor Cotton Ankle Length Socks For Men ₹599
Formal Men's Socks ₹645
Branded Men Ankle Length Socks Combo Pack ( Pack of 9 ) ₹309


Data last updated on 15/06/2024

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