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Razor & Cartridge

Buy Razors and Cartridges Online from Shopclues

Grooming is a vital aspect of a human's life. It doesn't matter how well you dress or how costly your clothes are until you look presentable. And this applies to both men and women. However, men have a beard and moustache to take care. While doing this, they have to keep in mind the trend as well because fashion is not for ladies only.

But beard and moustache adjustment is a kind of regular task. For those who prefer to have a clean-shaven look, it's a daily task. Skipping shaving any day might leave you with a shabby look. And even if you like to have a bearded look, it requires timely trimming. However, visiting the salon now and then might not be possible. Anyways, you can't leave it undone too. And there's no need! 

What about using a razor for offering salon-style care to facial hair? At Shopclues, you can find many kinds of men's razor, making shaving easier. Not only this, but you can also buy a razor cartridge & trimmers from Shopclues. 

Types of Razors

With time, things have advanced a lot. And the men's razor segment is not untouched with the technological advancements. Now, an old-fashioned razor, with a replaceable blade, is not the only option. Let's have a look at the types of men's razor -

  • Straight Razor - If you are not too young, you might have got the chance to see barbers sharpening razors using a leather strop. Fixed blade metal razors are known as straight razors.
  • Shavette - You can call it a younger brother of straight razors. The basic difference between them is, Shavette gives you the option to use a double edge safety razor blade, by splitting in half.
  • Safety Razor - First easy-to-use-razor! It's a razor that has a blade fitted in between to split parts. It can be either a single edge or double edge.
  • Disposable Razor - As the name suggests, these razors are meant for limited usage, after which you will have to replace the razor instead of the blade. They come cheap and are great for travel purposes.
  • Cartridge Razor - Then comes the ones that are being mostly used nowadays. They are also known as reusable razors, as they use detachable blade cartridges. So, with them, you have the handle with you, and you have to buy a blade cartridge only.
  • Electric Razor - They are the latest additions to the list. If you don't love cuts on your face, then there's nothing better than Electric Shavers. With the latest models, you can do both dry and wet shaving, without any worries.

Need Razor Cartridge and Other Shaving Accessories?

So, which one do you use from the above list? With Shopclues, you can buy whichever you like and enjoy smooth shaving experience from the comfort of your home. Buy razors and cartridges online or check for other grooming appliances and grooming products to find your best mate

A wide range of brands from Supermax, Letsshave, Gillette, SNR, Aari for your diverse needs. A price range starting from 501 - 1000, 251 - 500, 1001 - 2500, Under 250, 2501 - 5000 that integrates budget as well as quality specifications. Surf and shop till you find the perfect one amongst 155 products. Choose from the products like Super Max S 11 - Razor With Cartridges, Letsshave Pro 2 Plus Disposable Razor - Twin Blade Disposable Shaving Razor (Pack Of 5), Letsshave Pro 3 Disposable Razor Kit - Three-Blade Disposable Shaving Razor (Pack Of 5), Gillette Guard Cartridge (Pack Of 5), Stainless Steel Straight Edge Barber Razor that score high on the popularity charts.

List of Best Selling Razor & Cartridge price

Latest Razor & Cartridge Price
Romer-7 Virgo CC Premium Finish Double Edge Safety Razor For Men + 10 SS Blade ₹555
Romer-7 Butterfly Open Viceroy Safety razor For Men ₹565
Hp Ce255A 55A Black Toner Cartridge ₹2850
Romer-7 Double Edge Razor For Men D ₹299
Kemei KM-700 Hair Shaver for Men Beard Trimmer, Battery Shaving Machine ₹599
Letsshave Pro 2 Plus Disposable Razor - Twin Blade Disposable Shaving Razor (Pack Of 5) ₹89
Romer-7 Safety Razor For Men AMZ ₹245
LASER Ultra Double Edge Safety Razor Blades New Triple Coated Edges (Pack of 5) 250pcs ₹549
NEW Microtouch Solo All in One Advanced Smart Rechargeable Full Body Beard Cordless Trimmer ₹449
Romer-7 Double Edge Razor For Men ₹469


Data last updated on 20/01/2022

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