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Vitamins & Minerals

Buy Vitamins & Nutrients Online at low Prices in India

Buy Vitamin and Nutrient Supplements Online on ShopClues India

Find best Vitamin and Nutrient Supplements on ShopClues India

Find the best Supplements for a Healthy lifestyle on ShopClues India

Most of the times you are confused about what is the right food to consume to achieve the perfect balance of all the fats, proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals in your diet. In several cases your diet choices would not be able to provide all the nutrients of your daily requirement which is where vitamin and mineral supplements come to aid. If you are looking for a perfectly balanced nutritional diet, but are not able to consume the required food item which can help you achieve that, these supplements are surely a blessing for you. On ShopClues, you can select from a wide range of supplements depending on your exact requirement of the vitamin or mineral or any other nutritional supplement.

Different Supplements, Different Brands, Best Quality

Amway is one of the most prevalent brands when it comes to providing nutritional supplements for people belonging to all age groups. It has a wide selection of products in which it caters to women, children, aged people as well as young adults and atheletes.nutrition tablets that provide some of the essential minerals and vitamins like iron, calcium, carotene, conezymes, myoproteins and even multivitamin tablets. Protein powders are among the most commonly used supplements that suffice the daily protein requirements of individuals who do not have the time or the expertise to manage a complete balanced diet. Millet powder is another product which is rich in multiple nutrients and requires a small serving size.

Why tablets and powders to meet nutritional needs?

In a majority of the world’s regions, either due to the climatic conditions or due to the lifestyle habits, a perfectly balanced diet that has all the necessary nutritional requirements is not feasbile. For a healthy development of bones and muscles in children, a daily recommended dosage of calcium tablets can easily meet the calcium requirements whereas when consuming it in form of milk, there are high chances that the child would either not drink milk or might be allergic to it. With nutritional tablets, the chances of that happening are slim due to the many flavors they offer. Moreover tablets like those of coenzyme Q and B12 are the ones which aren’t available in vegetarian diets but still feasible to procure in the form of supplements. Even protein powders when combined with flavored milk are a tasty healthy choice. Millet as a grain isn’t available in all geographical locations, but the millet powder that you can shop online from ShopClues provides all nutrients- magnesium, calcium, phosphorous, fibres, antioxidants etc. and is even readily available.

Find more Healthy choices on ShopClues

These protein powders and nutrition tablets are a healthy choice in response to many diet constraints. On ShopClues, we are inclined towards providing the best quality of supplements to ensure a fit and healthy lifestyle for you. You can check out the options to suffice your requirements whether you are searching for an athletic routine build up or for the growing years of little one.

A diverse range of brands to select from, like Nature, Source Naturals, Solaray, Solgar, Vega. A price range starting from Rs. 2000 and Above, Rs. 1500 - Rs. 1999, Rs. 1000 - Rs. 1499, Rs. 500 - Rs. 999, Rs. 499 and Below that integrates budget as well as quality specifications. Keep surfing through this amazing ocean of over 19,364 products. This Top 5 list has all the best products like Amway Nutrilite Daily (120 Tablets), Amway Nutrilite Biotin-Cherry plus, Amway Nutrilite Daily (120 Tablets), Amway Alfalfa calcium plus 90 tablets, Amway Nutrilite Glucosamine Hcl With Boswellia (120 Capsules) and others at one place.

List of Best Selling Vitamins & Minerals price

Latest Vitamins & Minerals Price
Healthkart Apple Cider Vinegar, 500 ml Rs. 164
Naturyz Calcium Plus Formula with Vitamin D3 and Magnesium - 60 Tablets Rs. 259
Healthvit Ginkgo Biloba (Supports Memory, Focus Clarity) - 60mg - 60 Capsules Rs. 182
Sinew Nutrition Raw Apple Cider Vinegar (Unfiltered Unpasteurised) with strands of Mother 350ml Rs. 219
HealthKart Multivitamin with Ginseng Extract Taurine and Multiminerals-60 Vegetarian Tablets Rs. 374
HealthViva Apple Cider Vinegar 500 ML Rs. 379
Healthvit Saw Palmetto 160mg 60 Capsules Rs. 270
Healthvit Elaichi ILAICHI Powder 100 Gms(pack of 2) Rs. 202
NutrActive Himalayan Apple Cider Vinegar With Mother of Vinegar (500 ml) Rs. 329
Kashvy Apple Cider Vinegar with Ginger / Garlic / Lemon / Honey Natural - Pack of 2 (500 ml each) Rs. 749

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