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Talcum Powder


Do you remember while going to school, making those clouds with talcum powder? Body powders have that nostalgia, as all of our mothers have used these in summers on us while going to school in the morning. Don’t forget the advertisements of body talc, which was definitely a reminder of summers. Not any household shopping list is complete without best body powder. 

ShopClues has introduced a wide range of body talcum powder in different brands like Enchanteur, Ayurved India, Pietracare, Eva, St Louis Blackberry and more. Though being replaced by perfumes and deos, these body powders have not lost their importance. Available in different fragrances like, jasmine, rose, lavender, lemon and more, talcum powders are still favorites of many. To save yourself from that bad smell of sweat, dust some perfumed talc in your shoes and Voila! No embarrassing smell in public places or events. If you have cracked heels then body talcum powders are a savior.

Want to know some other advantages of talcum powder? Check out following points.

  1. Ditch The Sweat: We can’t really doubt why our mothers used body powders? It is a must have for summers as it helps to prevent rashes, fungal infections and not to forget gives a sweat free skin. Summers can be harsh for those who have sensitive skin, and talcum powders come handy to prevent skin allergies. Even in monsoons there is a high risk of infections, so we recommend dusting some in your underarms, back of knees and other areas where you get most sweat.
  2. Use As A Dry Shampoo: Summers actually tend to be harsh not only for the skin but hair too. One can’t really wash hair every day and also can’t bear that oil on scalp. Here’s a tip for you. Sprinkle some perfumed talc in your comb and gently run it through your hair to the roots and you’re good to go for that impromptu date or event.
  3. Remove Stains: That’s right! Body talcum powder helps to remove those greasy stains from your t-shirts and also saves you from your mothers. Dust some body talc on your tee and dab it gently. 
  4. Saves You From Chafing: If you are a fitness freak and do running and exercising, you must experience that itching under thigh and other parts of the body. The best way to eliminate that sprinkle some body powder, in those areas and Boom! No chafing and itching and no way you can skip those training sessions.
  5. Helps To Prevent Waxing Pain: Many beauty consultant use talcum powders to avoid redness on the skin after waxing. It absorbs moisture and prevents your skin from rashes. One should apply it before and after waxing. You can also use perfumed talc to have that fragrance.
  6. Helps In Setting The Makeup: Way before introduction of those fancy powders, talcum powders were used by beauticians to give that glowing and matte finish look. 

There are uncountable benefits of body talc, whether its body powder for men or body powder for women, ShopClues has a number of these at best deals. Give your skin a soothing effect.

Experience customizability with the help of a wide range of brands to choose from like Spinz, Himalaya, Ponds, Enchanteur, Fogg etc. A price range starting from Under 250, 251 - 500, 501 - 1000, 1001 - 2500, 2501 - 5000 that integrates budget as well as quality specifications. The product line of more than 178 products that sums up all your requirements, needs, preferences and desires. For those who lack the patience to go through the complete product range can check the Top 5 list of Big Size Butterfly Body Massager Shaper Trimmer Digital butterfly massager, FOGG Master Fresh Blast Fragance Body Talc - 120g, Fogg Master Fresh Splash Fragrance Body Talc 120g, Fogg Master Fresh Breeze Fragrance Body Talc 120g, Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard 100 Whey, Double Rich Chocolate, 454 G and lots more.

List of Best Selling Talcum Powder price

Latest Talcum Powder Price
Enchanteur Perfumed Talc Romantic 250 Gm ₹399
Himalaya Herbal Baby Powder - 50 gm ₹164
Himalaya Herbal Baby Powder - 50g (Pack Of 2) ₹227
Himalaya Herbal Baby Powder - 50g (Pack Of 3) ₹290
Himalaya Herbal Baby Powder - 50g (Pack Of 4) ₹353
Himalaya Herbal Baby Powder - 50g (Pack Of 5) ₹416
Himalaya Baby Powder (50g) ₹164
Spinz Talc Fantasy Long Lasting Freshness 15g ₹116
Spinz Fantasy Talc 15g ₹116
Spinz Talc Fantasy Long Lasting Freshness 15g (Pack Of 2) ₹131


Data last updated on 04/03/2024

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