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Gift Certificate

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Gift Certificate

Unable to use gift certificate

You can visit and on the top right-hand side, you can enter the gift certificate code and press enter to find out the Gift Certificate balance.

You will be unable to use the Gift certificate if,

  • If the certificate code is wrong, or
  • There is no amount left
If you come across any other issue, please contact us at Back to top

Gift certificate code not received
Please check the status of the gift certificate order. You will only receive the gift certificate if the payment has been made for it. Back to top

How to use gift certificate

Gift certificate can be used as a payment option during checkout.

You can know more about gift certificates from Back to top

Does gift certificate expire?
Yes, the gift certificate expire after 1 year from the date of purchase. Back to top

Clues Bucks not received on gift ceritificate

If it is not explicitly mentioned, Clues Bucks are not offered on purchase of Gift Certificates. Back to top

Wrong amount deducted from gift certificate

Please check the Gift Certificate balance from You should contact us in case of an issue.

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