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Hand Wash

Range of Quality Hand Wash & Sanitizers @


We know, hands are the most convenient way of transportation for any illness-causing germs and bacteria! Broadly, hands circulate 80 per cent of the germ borne diseases. And just with keeping hands clean, we can save many lives. Thus, hand wash and sanitizers have become a necessity.

The use of these cleansing products is one of the best ways to stop the community spread of diseases. Moreover, they now take care of your skin too!

Shopclues offers you a variety of products that not only help you stay clean but keep your hands soft as well. Say goodbye to dry & rough hands!

The Complete Range of Product

Gone are the days when you had limited options. Now, there are lots of products available, allowing you to buy the one that best suits your skin. Here are some examples of products that you can buy with us.

  • Alcohol-BasedSanitizers – Soap-free formulation of hand sanitizers allows youto clean hands without using water and is best when you are travelling or don't have easy access to water. Sanitizers that have60% to 95% of alcohol have proven to be the best hand sanitizers.And, Shopclues marketplace has multiple options for you to choose under this category.
  • Organic HandWash – If you favour non-chemical products, then you can pick handwash and sanitizers made with natural ingredients. We have some great products made with herbs and natural oils that are great for people like you; having affection for natural products. Made with ingredients like Lemon, Lemongrass, Neem, Lavender, Glycerine etc.these make you feel refreshed, kill germs and rehydrates your skin.Moreover, these products are free from Paraben and Sulphate,therefore safe to use with your small ones. Products from brands like BioAyurveda and Mirah Belle remain top choices at Shopclues.
  • Hand Wash:Liquid and Bar soap-based products are the most used ones on a day-to-day basis. They are helpful, especially with the oil-based dirt. If you have water available, there's nothing better than liquid hand wash. Availability of hand wash refill pack makes it easy to top-up and the first choice of consumers. With us, you can grab brands like Lifebuoy, Kangaroo (pH balanced formula) and more.

When to Use Them?

People often tend to under-use or overuse hand cleaning products. It is suggested to wash hands for at least 20 seconds but when? Here are the details:


  • ContactingFood: Foods can directly carry those nasty microorganisms, akagerms, inside your body. Therefore, always wash hands before, as well as, after preparing and consuming food. Besides, if you touch something that you feel might have dirt or dust, ensure to clean hands immediately.
  • RespiratoryDroplets: After you sneeze, cough or blow your nose, instantly wash your hands. Same is the case if you feel you got drops due to someone else's activity. Also, do the same before and after giving care to diarrhoea or vomiting patients.
  • Using theToilet: Always clean hands after using the toilet. It includes changing diapers and helping kids too.
  • TouchingWounds: Wash hands before and after contacting any wounds, particularly an open wound.
  • Handling Pets & Garbage: Immediately wash hands after having any contact with animals and garbage in any way.

Shop Easy with

Select and buy the best from the variety of hand wash and sanitizers with ease. Frequently we add new products, so keep visiting to buy the latest quality products. Buy hand wash online now to reduce your efforts!

A diverse range of brands to select from, like Yutika, Lifebuoy, Pulse, Globus Naturals, FASHION CARE. The extensive price range of Under 250, 251 - 500, 1001 - 2500, 501 - 1000 is made to accommodate your budgets. The product line of more than 43 products that sums up all your requirements, needs, preferences and desires. The Top 5 list on ShopClues featuring Starvoul Aloe Vera Liquid Handwash-InstantSanitizer, Starvoul Original Hygiene Liquid Handwash-InstantSanitizer, Yutika Naturals Complete Protection Selfcare Powder to Liquid Hand Wash Refill + Empty Bottle 10 Sachets 10gm each Hand Wash Bottle + Refill (10 x 20 ml), Globus Naturals Hydrating Lemon Liquid Handwash, Hand Sanitizer MR. SAFE with HERBAL ALCOHOL GOODNESS will make it easier for you to make your purchase decision.

List of Best Selling Hand Wash price

Latest Hand Wash Price
Green Dragon's Pulse Hand Sanitizer Spray 5Ltr Pack of 2 ₹1398
Alcohol Based Hand Sanitizer 975 ₹450
Fashion Care Automatic Hand Sanitizer Spray With Beautiful Lighting For Office, Hospital, Home Etc ₹345
Lifebuoy Hand Sanitizer (50ml) ₹138
Lifebuoy Hand Sanitiser - Total 10, 50ml (Pack Of 1) ₹138
Lifebuoy Hand Sanitiser - Total 10, 50ml (Pack Of 2) ₹175
Lifebuoy Hand Sanitiser - Total 10, 50ml (Pack Of 3) ₹213
Lifebuoy Hand Sanitiser - Total 10, 50ml (Pack Of 4) ₹250
Lifebuoy Hand Sanitiser - Total 10, 50ml (Pack Of 5) ₹288
Lifebuoy Hand Sanitiser - Total 10, 50ml (Pack Of 6) ₹325


Data last updated on 21/07/2024

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