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Make your way through the unknown terrain

Exploring an unknown territory as a trekker, nature lover, or a road trip enthusiast can get a bit complex. Firstly, you should know where you are headed, and you need a prompt indication when things go wrong; you also need a familiar tool to show you the way, when an unfamiliar sign misleads you. Secondly, it is always best to plan your daily and weekly calendar, like a mountaineer who aims to reach the mountain peak within a specific timeline. Camping devices help you cope with the difficulties that you might face during camping and outdoor adventures.

World’s leading gadget brands

ShopClues India offers basic and advanced electronic gadgets manufactured by well-known brands such as Coghlan and Gadget Hero. With the latest innovation and technological advancement, you can buy either individual or a combination of electronic tools. Coghlan and Gadget Hero are the best-selling brands preferred by millions of customers who do online shopping in India. ShopClues is proudly associated with the above brands to provide you with an enriching shopping experience at all times. Moreover, we offer amazing discounts on all camping devices and accessories, so that you can buy the perfect camping devices at affordable prices.

Find the perfect camping devices to aid your adventure trips

Even that the best travel plans can go wrong! When you are part of a trekking expedition or even a road trip, a miscalculation can lead to a management disaster. Time is very valuable, and you can spend it wisely by staying organised and following the schedule. You can buy innovative electronic tools such as distance meter, ultrasonic distance meter and digital dangler on ShopClues India, to meet your requirements. A distance meter or an ultrasonic distance meter can electronically calculate your travel distance with a high level of efficiency. A distance meter is a reliable device to keep you on track, during a hike. A digital dangler also comes in handy along with the distance meter as it can be used to measure the atmospheric temperature, time, and date. Digital Dangler works like your everyday planner when you are outdoors for a longer duration than expected.

Explore other camping products on ShopClues

What if you could not reach your camping site on time, due to heavy rainfall or sudden climate change? Harsh weather conditions such as a snowfall can make your journey challenging. The best way to maintain a balance between the time left and current weather condition is to have an alternate travel plan to come up with one when the time demands. Time and distance indicating electronic gadgets are the best technology to upgrade existing plans and achieve new milestones with higher chances of success.

On ShopClues you can also buy cakes for portable stove, LCD Digital Altimeter and magnetic needle compass for a stress-free camping adventure. All the products that you buy on ShopClues India are procured from vendors and brands who offer the highest quality products and services.

A variety of brands from like Mall Jupiter, Urja enterprise, JM, Other, Un-Branded etc. to suit a wide range of preferences. A price range starting from that integrates budget as well as quality specifications. Keep surfing through this amazing ocean of over 10 products. For those who lack the patience to go through the complete product range can check the Top 5 list of PowerPro Spectra Fiber Braided Fishing Line dia - 0.50 mm test - 59.0 kg , 100 m, New LCD Ultrasonic Laser Meter Pointer + Distance Measurer Range 60FT, 200Mw Rechargeable Laser Pointer Pen Disco Light, All in one solar street light 8W complete kit., Dj Disco Dance Studio Laser Stage Lighting and lots more.

List of Best Selling Camping Devices price

Latest Camping Devices Price
60X LED UV Money Checker Illuminated Magnifier Magnifying Glass Microscope - 31 ₹799
Urja_ Enterprises Resistance Tube leaser light (532 nm, green) ₹399
Urja_Enterprises Resistance Tube leaser light (2 nm, green) ₹399
Red Laser Presentation Pointer ( Pack of 1 ) - 05 ₹999
Green Laser Presentation Pointer ( Pack of 1 ) - 38 ₹999
Green Laser Presentation Pointer ( Pack of 1 ) - 35 ₹999
Green Laser Presentation Pointer ( Pack of 1 ) - 25 ₹999
Green Laser Presentation Pointer ( Pack of 1 ) - 05 ₹1499
Red Laser Presentation Pointer ( Pack of 1 ) - 07 ₹999
Multicolor Laser Presentation Pointer ( Pack of 1 ) - 04 ₹1499


Data last updated on 12/07/2024

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